Terms of Use

Article 1 Application of Terms

1. Machiquest, Inc. (“Company”) determines Terms of Use (the “Terms”) for use of “Monumento” (the “Service”) operated by the Company.

2. Everyone needs to agree the Terms to use the Service, and is assumed that everyone has accepted the contents of the Terms by taking advantage of the Service.

Article 2 User Registration

1. In the Terms, user is the one who accepted the Terms, applied for registration to the Service, and is approved by the Company.

2. In case the Company judged that a user corresponds to one of the following, the user may not be approved to register.

2-1. The applied person is non-existent.

2-2. The applied person has already registered with different e-mail addresses.

2-3. The applied person does not have an active e-mail address.

2-4. The applied person has received a suspension of use of the Service due to violation of the Terms and so on.

2-5. There are false statements, clerical errors, or omissions on a report of an application.

2-6. The Company determined that it is inappropriate to give the eligibility due to other reasons.

Article 3 Registration Information

1. The user shall use the Service with the e-mail address and the password registered to the Service.

2. The user shall manage the e-mail address and the password registered to the Service by its own responsibility.

3. The user shall notify to the Company about any changes as soon as possible, when a change occurs on the matters input at the time of registration to the Company.

4. The user shall notify to the Company when he/she forgets or leaks the e-mail address and the password registered to the Service.

5. If any notification from the Company or others delays, does not reach, or is breached, and the reason is that the user did not notify to the Company about any change, the Company does not assume any responsibility.

6. The Company shall deal with users’ registered e-mail address under strict management.

7. Unless the reason is the Company’s intention or serious negligence, the Company does not take any responsibility for any damage or loss caused by the use of the registered e-mail address by a third party.

Article 4 Withdrawal

When a user unsubscribes register to use the Service, the user shall notify the Company in accordance with the prescribed procedures. After that, the user becomes withdrawal.

Article 5 Prohibited Actions

When the Company determines that a user’s action corresponds to the following items, the Company shall take necessary measures, including deletion of registration information, ineligibility of the Service, and claim for damages.

1. Action that is contrary to public order and morality.

2. Action that leads to criminal.

3. Action that infringes other users’ or any third party’s copyrights or other intellectual property rights.

4. Action that infringes other users’ or any third party’s property, privacy, and so on.

5. Action that slanders other user or any third party.

6. Action that has the purpose of soliciting to any organization, service, and activities not related to the Service.

7. Actions, such as premovement of election, movement of election, or actions similar to those, or actions that violates the election law.

8. Actions that has the purpose of profit in the form other than the Company determined.

9. Action of becoming plural users, using multiple e-mail addresses.

10. When any false is observed in user registration information.

11. Unauthorized reproduction and redistribution of information obtained through the Service and the contents of e-mails from the Company.

12. Action that interrupts the operation of the Service or that damages the trust of the Company.

13. Actions that corresponds to unauthorized access and cracking.

14. Other actions that the company determined to be unsuitable to the Company.

Article 6 Attribution of Rights

1. Copyrights and other intellectual property rights (copyrights, design rights, patent rights, utility model rights, trademarks, etc.) shall belong to the Company.

2. Copyrights and other intellectual property rights related to the information registered by a user shall belong to the user.

3. About the information registered by a user, using the Service, the Company shall be able to use the information without the consent of the user, only when the Company determines to need it. The user shall not exercise moral rights about the Company’s use of works under this section.

4. The contents set forth in the previous section will also be applied after the user has unsubscribed the Service.

5. When a user unsubscribes, the registered information is managed and operated in the Service management account.

Article 7 Service

1. The Company makes no warranty of any accuracy, objectivity, and usefulness, of the information provided by the Service.

2. The Company may always at its discretion, add, change, and end the Service.

3. The Company may interrupt the Service temporarily due to maintenance, accident, disaster, fire, power failure, changes in the business environment, and so on.

Article 8 Disclaimer of Damage

1. We shall not accept liability for any damage of a user generated by the use of the Service.

2. When any trouble arises between a user and a third party due to use of the Service by the user, the user shall solve the problem in the expense and responsibility of self.

3. The Company shall not assume liability for any damage on a user or other third party due to the stop of the Service.

Article 9 Change of the Terms

The Terms may be revised without prior notice. If a change occurs, it will be notified to users by a post in the Service.

Article 10 Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The terms shall be compliant and interpreted to the laws of Japan. If litigation occurs between a user and the Company, the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of the first instance shall be Tokyo District Court.

(Created on March 5, 2014)

Additional Rules

The terms takes effect on March 5, 2014.