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auto-translate Important Traditional Building Group Conservation Area Nagiso Town Wife Hostel Preservation Area Selection Date Reason for selection September 4, 1971 The reason for choosing a wife lodging house is that the homeland along the old Nakasendo way And the surrounding natural environment together form a historic scenery, well communicating the appearance of the post office in the Edo period. Explanation It was considered that the wife basket cabin was already established as a lodging in the late Muromachi period, and when the shogunate decided sixty-seven in Nakasendo, the wife&39;s basket became one of them. The preserved area is about 3, 8 kilometers east-west, about 55 kilometers north-south, about 1, 245.4 hectares in area, there are 233 traditional buildings in the district, local district, inn, It is divided into three districts in the country. Honjin, Asama Honjin, wholesale store was set up mainly in the upper, middle and lower towns. Buildings are characterized by gable-building, flat-in which projected the second floor by barges, many are rebuilt from the late Edo era to the Meiji, and there are also many large buildings. Terashita form the shape of Monzencho in Gwangsa Temple, generally narrow frontage and building is small scale. In the village, there is a farmhouse dotted in the vicinity of a building of the town style facing the old Nakasendo road. In Washojuku, the town story preservation project was carried out in Showa 43 years, completing restoration of 53 buildings and planning to improve over the long term in the future. The center of preservation of the inn is declared with consensus of residents. It can be said that "Resident Charter to Protect Wife Hostel". Showa 52nd March Mr. Nankiso Town, Ministry of Education

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auto-translate 重要的传统建筑群保护区Nag Town镇妻子旅馆保存区选择日期选择的理由1971年9月4日选择妻子篮子旅馆的理由是沿着旧Nakasendo方式的家园周围的自然环境共同形成了一个历史的风景,很好地沟通了江户时代的邮局的外观。解说据说在室町末期已经成立了妻子的篮子小屋,当时幕府在中子堂决定了六十七岁的时候,妻子的篮子就成了其中之一。保护区东西长约三八公里,南北长约五十五公里,面积约一百二十五点四四公顷,区内有传统建筑物233处,区内有客栈,它在全国分为三个区。本店本店,本店批发店主要设在上,中,下城镇。建筑物的特点是山墙建筑,平面设计,二层驳船投影,许多从江户后期到明治维新,还有许多大型建筑。在广泽寺形成门禅寺的形状,一般狭窄的正面和建筑是小规模的。在村庄里,面向老Nakasendo路的小镇风格的建筑物附近散布着农舍。在这里,在昭和43年,昭和43年进行了城镇故事保存事业,完成了53栋建筑物的修复,并计划在未来长期改善。酒店的保存中心是在居民的共识下宣布的。可以这样说,“驻地宪法保护妻子旅馆”。昭和三月五十二日教育部南聚镇

重要伝統的建造物群保存地区 南木曽町妻籠宿保存地区
選定年月日 昭和五十一年九月四日
選定理由 妻籠宿 は、宿場の建造物を中心に旧中山道に沿った在郷および周囲の自然環境が一体となって歴史的風致を形成しており、江戸時代の宿場の姿をよく伝えている。
説明 妻籠宿は室町時代末期には、すでに宿場として成立していたと考えられ、慶長七年(1602)幕府が中山道に六十七宿を定めたとき、妻籠もその一つとなった。
 在郷には、旧中山道に面した町屋風の建物と附近に 点在する農家がある。
 宿場保存の中心は 住民の総意で宣言した。「妻籠宿を守る住民憲章」といえよう。


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