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auto-translate It is a part from Sugimori Junior High School in Ise no Mori Ward to Mori Children&39;s Park in Ise. It is the former company company of Asagaya Tenso shrine located in Asagaya Kita - No. 25 (JR Chuo Line, North side of Asagaya Station). In the "Edo Sightseeing Church", when Taketoshi Nihonbashi conquered Ezo in the 44th year of the Emperor Tenkyu, and restored here, it was rested here, so the people of the land gathered for the worship of the company It is written that it made it as Shinmei Palace. In addition, after that, a man named Yobai Miyabe who lived in this land (190 - 1998) went to worship the Ise Shrine, and stayed at Geju (now Mie prefecture) Nohono night It is also written that the spirit stone brought from Ise&39;s Miyagawa with a message of Ogasaki was placed in the company and made into a body. From the same place as the Ise Jingu in the god of the Amaterasu, "People in the land called the old company" former Ise ". After that, it is popular as "Ise no Mori". Also, a soldier of a nearby corps staff came to practice trumpets, so it was said to be "trumpet forest". The cobblestone ball and prismatic monument carved as "old Tianjin Shrine" is currently rested in Asagaya Tenshin goddess company. On the back side of the monument is carved with old pine and blue pine tree and a pine tree of Shinto who makes nest when Ise mountain. It seems that now, it was a quiet forest to the extent that "Toki" of a special natural treasure that became a precious existence was enough. March 1991 Suginami Ward Board of Education

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auto-translate 是伊势森林区的杉森初中到伊势森林儿童公园的一部分。这是Asagaya Tenso神社的原公司,位于Asagaya Kita-25号(JR中央线,Asagaya站北侧)。在“江户观光教会”中,日本天竹树在天皇天皇44年征服了Ezo,并在这里恢复了原貌,使这里的人们在这里休息,让这里的人们敬拜祭司据说它是新梅宫。此外,住在这片土地(190 - 1998年)的一个名叫Yobai Miyabe的人去拜祭了伊势神社,住在歌州(现在是三重县)Nohono夜另外还记载了伊势宫川带来的石垣带来的石垣的遗迹被放置在公司里,并且做成了一个尸体。在天宫之神伊势神宫的同一地方,“土地上的人们称为旧公司”前伊势“。之后,作为“伊势森林”受欢迎。另外,附近一名军人的一名士兵前来练喇叭,据说是“喇叭林”。雕刻成“古老的天津神社”的鹅卵石球和棱柱形纪念碑目前被安置在阿诗阁谷天成女神公司。纪念碑的背面刻有老松,蓝松树和伊势山筑巢的神道的松树。现在好像是作为宝贵的存在的特殊的自然的宝物的“土岐”足够了,那个平静的森林。 1991年3月杉并区教育委员会


 阿佐谷北一―二五(JR中央線、阿佐ヶ谷駅北側)にある阿佐谷天祖神社 の旧社地です。
 また、その後、建久年間(一一九〇~一一九八)この土地に住んでいた横井兵部という人が伊勢神宮の参拝に出かけ、勢州(今の三重県)能保野に泊った夜、大神宮のお告げがあり伊勢の宮川から持ち帰った霊石を、社に安置してご神体にしたとも書かれています。祭神が「天照大御神」で伊勢神宮 と同じところから、土地の人は旧社地を「元伊勢」と、呼んでいました。その後も、「お伊勢の森」といって親しまれています。また、近くにあった電信隊の兵士が、ラッパの練習にきていたりしたので、「ラッパの森」ともいわれました。
 老松や 青く茂りて 御伊勢山
 ときの巣造る 神徳の松

 平成三年三月 杉並区教育委員会


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