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auto-translate Taya&39;s pride as a historic heritage Okamoto Tsunodo This guide board is 50 meters to the right, on the left side of the private folk garden there is a stone walled door with a stone wall and a letter "Okamoto Tunway" is engraved. Tunnel is a tunnel, inside of the door is a tunnel with a height of 2 m and a width of 2.5 m, there is a water pipe with a diameter of 80 cm, its length is as long as 120 m I will. In 1921 (Taisho 10th year), at the time Shibuya Town in Toyota Tama-gun (present Shibuya-ku), we began a large-scale waterwork construction to pull water of the Tama River into the town. The water which was taken in and purified at the Kutani Water Treatment Plant reaches Shibuya via the Komazawa Water Supply Station and Sangenjaya Station, and the underground water pipe line crosses Setagaya linearly from southwest to northeast. Water was lifted high by the force of the pumping pump up to the Komazawa water supply, and from the water supply station to Shibuya was sent with natural gravity. As soon as I left the Kasato Water Treatment Plant, I crossed the plateau of Okamoto, but a tunnel dedicated to the water supply pipe was used as a device to reduce the load of the pumping pump. These are buildings of Modern Water Supply which was completed in 1923 (Taisho 12), still unusual facilities, it is an extremely valuable historical heritage. Komazawa water supply tower landscape asset preservation party · Setagaya ku - - coma Q

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auto-translate 作为历史遗产的Taya的骄傲冈本Tsunodo这个导游板是在右边50米,在私人民间花园的左边有一个石墙围墙的石墙和一个字母“Okamoto Tunway”刻。隧道是一个隧道,门内有一个高2米,宽2.5米的隧道,里面有一根直径80厘米的水管,长度达120米我会的。 1921年(大正10年),当时在丰田多摩郡的涩谷镇(现涩谷区),开始了把多摩河的水拉入市镇的大规模的水利工程。库谷尼水处理厂的净化水通过驹泽供水站和三泉再也站到达涩谷,地下水管线从西南到东北线性穿过世田谷。由于抽水泵的力量把水提高到驹泽供水,从供水站到涩谷的自然重力。我一离开Kasato水处理厂,就越过了冈本高原,但专门用于水管的隧道被用作减少抽水泵负载的装置。这些是在1923年(大正12)完成的现代供水的建筑物,仍然不寻常的设施,是非常珍贵的历史遗产。驹泽供水塔景观资产保存晚会·世田谷区 - 昏迷Q

世田谷の誇る歴史遺産 岡本隧道

 この案内板から右50m先、民家園の左奥に石垣囲いの蒲鉾型の扉があり「岡本隧道」という字が刻まれています。隧道 とはトンネル のことで、扉の中は、高さ2m、幅2.5mのトンネルになっていて、そこには直径80㎝もある送水管が通っていて、その長さは120mにも及びます。
 1921年(大正10年)、当時の豊多摩郡渋谷町(現在の渋谷区)では、多摩川の水を町に引き込もうと、大規模な水道 工事を始めました。
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