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auto-translate Visitor (father) and Suwa dormitory [Inoue Yasushi · · · Yuwae Nitta Jiro · · · Lake Taihi] Yukari no Temple "Shogoji temple" Shogoji Temple Suwa Family &39;s Family Suwa Teruto Ogi It is the Bodhisattva of Mr. Mt. Since Tomoda Suwa, a former souvenir of Suwa Yorikobo, was destroyed by Mr. Takeda, Tsuyoshi Koko (a custodian who was a reliant), who was in a relief office for 40 years in relief, secretly aimed at a machine of revival However, Mr. Takeda Tenshi in the 10th year, when the destruction of Mount Tianyu, Oda Nobunaga was also stolen by Honnōji Temple change, he quickly returned troops and returned the land of Suwa to the former. However, the trampling of the times became more severe, eventually becoming the Government of Toyotomi, Tsutsuke belonged to Mr. Tokugawa and was transferred to Kanto as a name of the score, and it was in his place with Bamboo and Huzhou for about ten years There is, due to the warfare of Sekigahara Keicho six years, it returned to the land of Suwa in the country again. Four years after returning home, Tadashita already counted 71 years old, and graduated after completing his longe on August 21, 20th Keio. Later, in the seventh year of Kanihonaga Eijyoji was destroyed, then moved to the land of Miyagawa, has reached the present. The shrine falling behind Shogoji Temple is a place where you can overlook the flat of Suwa at the fairground of the Mikado Festival. When Takeda Shingen Suwa invasion, Uehara Castle was visible, a team was stuck up for trees to overlook the movements of Suwa, and Suwa Yoshinaga set up a camp at the dog base with Kamikawa in between, but withdrawing from the army position, retire to Uehara Castle It was baked, finally lost in Kuwahara Castle and captured, sent to Kofu and self - damaged. Inoue Yasushi The Miyakawa Buraku in the novel "Furuzashi Volcano" is exactly this area. Ryusei Shogoji Chino TMO Miyagawa Town development council

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auto-translate 游客(父亲)和Su访宿舍[井上靖···和和新田二郎···太极湖] Yukari no Temple“Shogoji temple”Shogoji Temple Su访屋家族Su访Teruto Ogi这是山先生的菩萨。由于Su访先前纪念品Tom访友和先生被武田先生摧毁,当时是一个依赖的托管人,刚刚在救灾办公室里工作了40年的武田刚子,秘密地瞄准了一台复兴机器不过,武田天绪先生在第十年的时候,天羽山被破坏时,织田信长也被本仁寺失窃所改变,他迅速将部队归还Su访的土地给前者。但是,时代的践踏变得更加严峻,最终成为丰臣的政府,Tsutsuke属于德川先生,并被转移到关东作为得分的名字,并且因为它在竹与湖州的地位约十年由于原关庆子六年的战争,又重新回到了Su访地。回到家四年后,他已经计算了71岁,并在庆应日本时间20日8月21日完成了毕业。后来在Kan乃那噶第七年被摧毁,后来迁到宫川之地,已经到了现在。落在“后藤寺”后面的神社是在日本天皇节的展览场所可以俯瞰Su访的公寓的地方。武田信玄Su访时,看到上原古城,树木眺望Su访的动向,吉川Su访与上川之间在上川地区设立了营地,但退出了军队阵地,退到了上原城它被烤,最后在科学原城堡迷路,被俘,送到甲府并自毁。井上靖小说“古崎火山”中的宫川不乐正是这个地区。 Ryusei Shogoji Chino TMO宫川町开发委员会

諏訪家(藩祖)と諏訪御寮人〔井上靖・・・由布姫 新田次郎・・・湖衣姫〕
宗湖寺は諏訪家の藩祖諏訪頼忠 公〔永明寺殿芸州太守光山宗湖大庵主〕の菩提所であります。天文十一年惣領家諏訪頼重 が武田氏に滅ぼされて以来、雌伏四十年上社大祝職にあった頼忠公〔頼重の従弟〕は、密かに再興の機を狙っていましたが、天正十年武田氏が天日山の滅び、織田信長も又本能寺の変に討滅されるや、いち早く兵を挙げ再び諏訪の地を旧領に復しました。
 武田信玄 諏訪侵攻の時、上原城が見え、諏訪勢の動きが見渡せる木落しに陣を張り諏訪頼重は上川を挟んで犬射原に陣を構えたが軍勢の違いから、退いて上原城を焼き、ついに桑原城で敗れて囚われ、甲府に送られ自害しました。
 井上靖 小説『風林火山』の中にある宮川部落とは、まさにこの辺りです。
円通山 宗湖寺


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