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auto-translate Miyamoto Musashi Kenroku Sword St. Miyamoto Musashi was born here in Miyamoto village of Yamashitakimi. My father was Nobu Hirata, my mother was a citizen, Tenmyo twelve years (1584) Musashi was born as the second son of one older older sister Mother born Musashi and died of illness soon. My grandfather was Mr. Shiramoto Hirata, a father and a senior citizen of the Takesake Shrine new exclaimor who excelled in long-time surgery for martial arts. Shiji won the Constitution of Yoshioka in the game of Ashikaga Shogi Yoshiaki and gave a title of Mt. Musashi received a father&39;s teaching from a young age and is seven years old and has improved to the extent that his father is already tongue. He wrote himself that he does not lose his interest for sixty years ago to seriously compete in Arima Kihobe at age 13 and winning Akiyama san at the age of sixteen. When I was born, my mother died and I was brought up by my grandmother and my sister&39;s gigantic and mother-in-law, and I lost to independence, I feel like I have healed the loneliness of loneliness by the sword. As I was 17 years old, I was defeated by Mr. Ukita who was participating in the battle of Sekigahara in accordance with New Taxation Sosuke. My husband went to Kyushu, Musashi came to study the countries. There is no one who does not know anyone who was a 21-year-old and fought with the Yoshioka clan and fought with Kasujiro Sasaki at the age of ninety. From the age of 30 to the age of fifty, we further circulated the countries, smelt in the morning, entered the path of Zen along with the kendo, internally trained the kendo, while applying the 10 surgical operations of the father to the sword, It started. After fifty years old, he liked calligraphy sculpture and reached that entrance. During the tour of the countries, I tranquilized Okinawa Kosuke and Iori as adoptors. Together with Iori participated in Shimabara &39;s turbulence serving the Ogasawara family of Ogura. Later Hosokawa Tadatoshi wanted to move to Kumamoto. At the age of 58, for the purpose of loyalty, when he was sixty-two years old, he wrote "Olympus" and dropped the parade into posterity. Second year of Masayoshi (1645) May 19th closed a lifelong mistake in Kumamoto Castle. He wore armor and testamentary weapons and was buried in the suburbs of Kumamoto. Musashi did not worry about life, but there was no child, but my sister Okin, my uncle Takeshi descendants live in my birthplace. As of the end of the Meiji period, the people of Kumamoto&39;s "Miyamoto Musashi ruins victory society" surveyed the remains of the village, Hirata family, confirmed that the birthplace was here, so volunteers in the city recruited funds, He built a monument in this land in Meiji 44.

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auto-translate 宫本武藏圣宫本武藏Ruiden KenKiyoshi出生于宫本村这里风景秀丽。我的父亲出生的平田作为一个妹妹一个弟弟的第二个儿子的一个,母亲于政,1584年(1584)武藏的母亲很快被死生武藏。我的祖父肖根·希雷塔,上州是竹山Shinmen的元老谁在长吉田手术擅长武术给父亲两者。该之一,也是问题与一个和仁赐赢得世界无双吉冈宪法的标题幕府将军足利义昭他的比赛之前。武藏已经是父亲在七十岁收到了父亲的启动从小一直在进步,足以绕舌。在十三岁Kihe华宇,也是六十名度曾经是赢得了博·阿基亚马在十六岁写了他自己,也不会丢失他们的兴趣生活之间的强硬。出生和自力更生的输不起的人是提出了一个母亲对你的银子和岳母去世,保姆和妹妹,可能是由剑的寂寞孤独愈合。十七岁的Shinmen Sonuki失利,因为是Ukita先生的下属或参与的主要房子关原按照战斗。 Omoka九州,武藏出去学习的国家。二十吉冈从来没有任何阴险谁战队和比赛是津市游戏科吉罗·萨基在29岁在一岁。三十余岁最多冶炼锻夕日上午,旁边学习剑道与剑道沿内进路的禅宗五十岁进一步Jun&39;yu国家,分别适用于剑几十手术Enmyo德瓦的父亲遗留领先这是创始人。五十多岁达到后品尝斗书法雕塑。在国家Jun&39;yu,是助理和八神敬之Zoshu领养的监护。谁参加了岛原之乱都小笠原服务小仓家族和八神的。移动到熊本希望将后塔达托什·霍索卡瓦。当58岁,被挂到后人的范围内书写“五轮书”时的62岁的忠利“战35下巴的艺术”。收盘在1645年动荡的生活大城(1645年)五月十名熊本城的第九天。做有武器与证言盔甲了,葬在熊本县的郊区。武藏终身梅特拉不是亲生的孩子是不是是的,但我的妹妹Ogin,舅舅的后代布斯凯是玄重的发源地。的人“宫本武藏井关纪念协会”明治,熊本的结尾是Raimura,调查文物等的平田的房子,它的发祥地,因为它证实了其中一个是,镇的志愿者是募集资金, 1907年四年建了一个纪念碑,这片土地。


剣聖宮本武蔵 は、ここ山紫水明の宮本村に生まれた。父は平田無二、母は於政、天正十二年(1584年)武蔵は兄一人姉一人の次男として生れ母は武蔵を産み間もなく病死した。祖父は平田将監、父祖ともに武技に長じ十手術に秀で竹山城主新免家の重臣であった。無二は足利将軍義昭の御前試合に吉岡憲法に勝ち天下無双の称号を賜わり無二斉と号した。武蔵は幼少より父の伝授を受け七才で既に父が舌を巻く程に上達した。十三才で有馬喜兵衛 に、十六才で秋山某に勝った一生の間真剣勝負をすること六十余度一度もその利を失わずと自ら書いている。生れると母を亡し乳母や姉のおぎんや義母に育てられ負けず嫌いで独立独歩、孤独の淋しさを剣によっていやしたのであろう。十七才で新免宗貫に従い関ヶ原の合戦に参加主家か宇喜多氏の配下であったので敗戦。主家は九州に、武蔵は諸国修業に出た。二十一才で吉岡一族と試合し二十九才で佐々木小次郎と試合ったことは誰知らぬ者もない。三十才より五十才までは更に諸国を巡遊し朝鍛夕錬、剣道とともに禅の道に入り剣道を内面的に研鑽する傍ら、父祖伝来の十手術を剣に応用し円明二天一流を創始した。五十才以後は書道彫刻を好みその堂奥に達した。諸国巡遊中、造酒之助と伊織を養子として薫陶した。伊織とは共に小倉の小笠原家に仕え島原の乱に参加した。後細川忠利に望まれて熊本に移った。五十八才の時、忠利の為に「兵法三十五條」を六十二才の時「五輪書」を書いて範を後世に垂れた。正保二年(1645年)五月十九日熊本城 内で波乱多き生涯を閉じた。証言により甲冑をつけ兵器を持たせて熊本の郊外に葬られた。


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