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auto-translate Nature Prefecture natural treasure The pine trees at Kasatori Pass This pass road is the Kasatori Pass of Nakasendo, one of the modern five roads. The Tokugawa administration launched a horse-drawn system in Tokaido, Keio six years after the battle of Sekigahara (1601), and also began Nakasendo etc. in the next seven years. The shogunate kept the trees by planting pines and cedars in the highway along with the renovation of the highways, the establishment of milestones. Kasatori Pass is also called Yanase Pass and is between Ashida Inn which was established in Keio 2nd year (1597) and Nagatori Inn where the distance was about 1 ½ (about 6 ㌖). Pine trees at Kasatori Pass plant trees hundreds of red pine trees hanged by the Komori clan from the shogunate over nearly 15 towns (about 1 - 6) along the villagers in the vicinity and then plant trees thereafter It has continued protection and management. It is the sight of Nakasendo which is drawn in Ashida-juku of "Kiso highway 69 th ninji next" by Utagawa Hiroshige. According to a survey in Nagano Prefecture, there were 229 troops burned and damaged by the wind and snow during the long years, Taisho 13 (1924). Showa 49 (1974) was designated as a natural treasure in Nagano prefecture. Currently, it is one hundred. Takeshi Town strives to improve the old road on Kasatori pass and protect the pine trees and keeps appearance in the long run. Heisei 3-chome Tachi-machi Board of Education

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auto-translate 松树场县天然纪念物Kasatoritoge这个山口的道路是现代5条高速公路之一中山道的Kasatoritoge。德川政权,关原之战之后进行六年(1601),天马系统东海道庆长,并在未来七年开始以及到中山道。各种公路1604年幕府装修,被做了绿树成荫的种植松树和雪松在公路上的肌肉与安装的里程碑一起。 Kasatoritoge,也称为鹅Totoge,以及InN芦田在距离(约60㌖)提供大约Ichisatohan Nagakubo旅店之间1597年(1597),它是。松树绿树成荫Kasatoritoge是,已经从幕府下标小诸氏族数百红松,种植了约十五町山口道路,随着周边村民(约一六㌖),然后还要进行合作,种植它继续保护和管理。 “木曾路69秩序”的歌川广重是在客栈芦田所描绘的中山道的旅游景点。在漫长的岁月,在风雪中枯萎的痛苦,有一个1924年三年(1924年)根据长野县的调查中,229这一点。 1974年(1974)在长野县天然纪念物指定。目前,它是110。蓼科镇致力于保护老公路养护和Kasatoritoge的松树,一直保持往日的外观。 1993年三个月教育立科町板


 この峠道は 近世五街道の一つ中山道 の笠取峠である。徳川政権は、関ヶ原の戦い後の慶長六年(1601)東海道に伝馬制を実施し、翌七年には中山道などにも着手した。
 笠取峠は雁取峠とも呼ばれ、慶長二年(1597)に設けられた芦田宿 と、およそ一里半(約六㌖)の距離を隔てた長窪宿 の間にある。
笠取峠の松並木は、小諸藩が幕府から下付された数百本の赤松を、近隣の村人とともに峠道約十五町(約一・六㌖)にわたって植樹し、その後も補植を行い保護・管理を続けてきた。歌川広重 の「木曽街道六十九次」芦田宿に描かれている中山道の名所である。


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