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auto-translate Sendo Shigetai entrance When Mochizuki Inn is over, Nakasendo leads to Shigetakei Shigetake is a Japanese Village located between Mochizuki Inn in the east and Shigada in the west, and is now also called an interstate. This is the entrance to Megadai, and as I start descending down the slope, there are elegant private houses and pubs that are reminiscent of the Edo period. Because Mochizuki Shinmachi was washed away by the road in the second flood of Kanpei, and Honmachi also suffered great damage, I asked for the Edo shogunate to make Shigetai Village a camp in the Mochizuki Inn, but it was dismissed. On November 19th, the former Prime Minister Gojo Midorichi Nagato passes through Nakasendo, Momotai village is an accommodation for about 400 Komoro soldiers. In addition, on November 7, the first year of Noboru Nagaku, a big event such as the large row of Emperor Takaaki&39;s sister Wakamiya passing through Shigetakei to the Shogun Shogun Tokugawa Tokushige victimized as a victim of coalition partnership there were. Milestones are located near the top of Ulysaka Top, and are located on the left and right, rising up Ishihara Saka of Shigen Town Shigetake, but now there are traces only. Saku City Board of Education

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auto-translate 当您退出仙道莫泰入口望月客栈中山道莫泰,从而导致莫泰是位于望月店的东,西MODA店,这也被称为现在的旅馆之间的天村。在这里,在入口处的莫泰,并开始下山,房屋和酒窖剩下的江户时代已经选择屋檐余部。或望月新町的大洪水1742年内通过各种方式,以还严重破坏提问,有可能被驳回请求允许尝试和江户幕府Kayado到望月客栈莫泰村的历史。元春在十一月19天第一年,当天狗党美图战士中山道通道,莫泰村已成为约小诸氏族战士四百人的客栈。此外,Fumihisa元年十一月七日德川幕府十四代茂,一个大事件,如孝明天皇的妹妹的大型矩阵是科卡成为公武合体Kazunomiya的受害者穿过莫泰有。里程碑继续顶雨龙山附近,但位于左侧和右侧,占据莫泰蓼科町的石原坡,现在才看到痕迹。教育的佐久市教育局


 一里塚 は、瓜生坂頂上付近に続き、立科町茂田井の石原坂を上りきった左右に位置しているが、現在は痕跡がみられるだけである。


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