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auto-translate Taki · Nineteen Night Tower · Dogon God · Watermark In this place, a large amount of Shimizu has been exported from the root of a great tree of Zelkova in the precincts of Taki Omikami, travelers traveling to and from the Edo period Nakasendo also moistened throat . Among the residents of salt nae, they used to keep tea houses, yuya and Saku carp. The signboard of a nearby tea house is a three-story house where the name "Kadoya" remains. In April, 1953, the Shioida Ward Kawa Harajuku Simplified Waterworking Association was formed, and water was supplied to each member. Currently the amount of water decreases and the number of users is also slight. On the 19th night tower, on the calendar April 21, women gathered (lecture), showed that there were events promoting health and promoting health and praying for childbirth, 19 nights remembrance of Nembutsu There. On the back side of the monument, "Tenyo Year (1839) Otaku April Grain Raining Course" is. I decided this gleeful day to be the "playing day" of a woman and secured the pleasure of the day a year. It seems that this pagoda stone statue was erected around 1907 in the Meiji period. In the black curtain that was able to do in that time, the characters of "Kawahara-machi daigojin" and the name of the seven generic shrines are stained out, and it seems to be about the circumstances of these days. The watermark is a sign that it is 62.2 meters if we measure the height of the point here (25 thousand minute map of GSI).

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auto-translate 塔基·十九夜塔·多贡神·水印在这个地方,大量的清水从榉树大树的根部出口在Taki Omikami的区域,来往江户时代Nakasendo旅行的旅行者也湿润了喉咙。在盐的居民中,他们曾经养过茶馆,yuya和Saku鲤鱼。附近茶馆的招牌是一栋三层楼的房子,其名称为“Kadoya”。 1953年4月,成立了Shioida Ward Kawa Harajuku Simplified Waterworking Association,并向各成员供水。目前,水量减少,用户数量也很少。在19日晚上的塔楼,在4月21日的日历上,妇女聚集(讲座),表明有促进健康,促进健康和祈祷分娩的活动,19晚的Nembutsu纪念那里。在纪念碑的背面,“Tenyo年(1839年)Otaku 4月谷雨课程”是。我决定这个幸福的一天成为一个女人的“玩耍日”,并获得了一年中的快乐。这座宝塔石像似乎是在明治时期1907年左右竖立起来的。在那个时候能够做的黑色的窗帘中,“川原町大人金”的人物和七个通用神社的名字被弄脏了,好像是关于这些日子的情况。如果我们测量点的高度(GSI的25,000分钟地图),水印是62.2米的标志。


 ここは、もと瀧大明神の境内で、ケヤキ の大木の根本から大量の清水がわき出ていて、江戸時代中山道 を往来する旅人ものどを潤した。塩名田の住民の中には茶屋・湯屋や佐久鯉を飼育するなどにも使っていた。傍らの休茶屋の看板は、「かどや」の名が残る三階建ての家である。


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