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auto-translate Ya · Honjin ruins (Maruyama Shinkai superstore house, main building, gable and entrance on the wife&39;s side) Shionen-da Inn is Sansei 1-3, 2nd from Edo. At the beginning of Keicho, Shiroyama Train Station is located in the middle of Iwamurada and Mochizuki, and one of the difficulties in the highway road, as well as a Chikumagawa river is needed before the first day, so Iwashitadori Northern Territory Former residents of Machida and Fukohoko transferred to the current location by about 40 people (Keiichi 7th year = 1602). Wholesaler Shinmoemon · Bungeonemon, Norihon Hikoi, Honjin Shinemon gate. Mr. Maruyama&39;s family worked mainly at Mr. Zenbae, Watamoto Honjin Monjaemon. The total number of inhabitants at the inn in Kankei 12 (1800) is 126. The wholesaler · Honjin Shinmon experts are located almost in the center of the inn, and it was rebuilt in the sixth year of the honorific calendar (1756), but now the Godo part became a refurbished housing. Many historical materials related to the post office are preserved in the Maruyama family.

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auto-translate 雅本阵迹(Shinzaemon丸山房子,这栋混凝土,在山墙山墙入口)Shionada-束裤是,四从江户时代三利13丁,两个三分。中山路径为庆长刚开始的几天确定,Shionada-束裤位于望月和Iwamurata,难波的一个在高速公路肌肉中间,竹马河前街道岩下和南部梯田要求Ichiyado北町田以及上述的Funakubo居民通过转移约40酒店的当前位置(1602年= 1602)形成。批发商Shinzaemon-Bunzaemon,头人Hikobe,Shinzaemon本阵。 YoshiHyoe,丸山说Bunzaemon本阵旁同源一直主要服务。感性的旅馆在总门牌号码一个二年(1800年)为126家。批发商Shinzaemon本阵的房子位于约在客栈的中心,现在已在宝历重建六年(1756年)成为了一个外壳,其中宫殿的一部分进行了翻修。丸山已经在家里被拯救了许多驿站相关史料。


 塩名田宿 は、江戸から四三里一三丁、二三番目。中山道筋が定まるのは慶長のはじめころ、塩名田宿は岩村田と望月の中間に位置し、街道筋でも難場のひとつ、千曲川を前に一宿が必要として北方の岩下通りや南方段丘上の町田や舟久保の住民を現位置に四〇軒ほど移して形成した(慶長七年=1602)。問屋新左衛門・文左衛門、名主彦兵衛、本陣新左衛門。善兵衛、脇本陣文左衛門で丸山氏の同族が主に勤めた。寛政一二年(1800)の宿内総家数は一二六軒。


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