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auto-translate City hometown materials (folk materials) Hachiman Shrine 1 pair Choko head 1st place Chofu-shi Fujimi-cho 1-chome designation Designated 1st Dec. 441 This Choko head is one of the three kings of king lion, middle lion, and female lion It is a group and is a treasure of the Hachiman Shrine, a guardian of the former Shimoishihara district. The lion dance performed using this lion head is said to have been started by the priests of Gensho-ji, wishing for the rise of the village festival and the sound development of young people, and the lion head was made by the priest himself at that time. It has been communicated. In addition, it was also reported that when the epidemic spread in the old days, this lion head was worn to walk around the village and drive away the ill. This lion head is still used for the dance of "Michinaka" that walks through the village during the festival, and for the dance of "Tsukui", which is dedicated in front of the company. It is a precious lion head that has been integrated into the minds of villagers for a long time. March 30, 1995 Chofu City Board of Education

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auto-translate 市内的家乡材料(民间材料)八幡神社1对Ch子头第1位调布市富士见町1丁目指定指定1月12日441这个Choko头是国王狮子,中狮子和女狮子的三个国王之一它是一个团体,是前原土原地区的守护者八幡神社的宝藏。据说使用这头狮子头的狮子舞是由Gensho-ji的牧师开始的,他们希望村庄的崛起和年轻人的健康发展,狮子头是当时牧师亲自制造的。它已被传达。此外,据报道,当流行病在过去蔓延时,这头狮子头戴在村子里走动并驱走病人。这个狮子头仍然用于在节日期间穿过村庄的“Michinaka”的舞蹈,以及在公司面前献身的“Tsukui”的舞蹈。它是一个珍贵的狮子头,长期融入村民的心中。 1995年3月30日调布市教育局

八幡神社  獅子頭一組
 所在 調布市富士見町二丁目一番地
 指定 昭和四十四年十一月十二日
 この獅子頭は、王獅子中獅子女獅子 の三頭で一組になっており、旧下石原地区の鎮守、八幡神社の宝物である。この獅子頭を用いて行われる獅子舞は、元禄時代、源正寺の住職が、村祭りの興隆と若者の健全育成を願って始めたものといわれ、この獅子頭はその時に住職自らが作ったものと伝えられている。また、昔悪疫が流行したときこの獅子頭をかぶって村中を舞い歩き、悪病を追い払ったとも伝えられている。


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