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auto-translate Kusakawa Foot trails, had become a river Kami-Igusa River called in the old days. Igusa River and analysis on Igusa 4-Chome area, towards the Northeast until the double-headed Park vicinity of Igusa and the northern limit of the Channel 4-Chome, change the flow to the Southeast from there, terakawa was pouring in the Shimizu-Sanchome.
Support the life of the region was from the river confluence and terakawa, small stream, about 3.5 km, the river also. 0/1707 (1707), due to efforts from hanbei village headman under Igusa village, the estimated 1000 river water (water), Ueno water river was (yamakoshi area document a-designated cultural property).
Actively used as tagata water Kami-Igusa River with water from the Valley head mouth, had spread paddy fields on both sides until the Meiji period. Pictured above is the 0/1955. Igusa River is the present I, had become a great playground of children, such as catching a fish.
Such Igusa River is due to land around the culvert of 0/1981 (1981) became a culvert passage of all. Igusa river include even an old history. I know from bygone days people used the river basin of the Kami-Igusa Paleolithic, Jomon period, and the remains of 26. In this situation, Igusa River upstream towards the middle of ever in 7 ruins excavations are organized.
Paleolithic in the survey (15000 years ago-3 d 000 years ago when I was) from Jomon and early (8000 years ago-15000 years ago) of materials are often found, especially old age remains are concentrated is a feature of this area. As rivers, Kami-Igusa River until modern since prehistoric times, and stage of life, and brings blessings to the region has been handed to a lot of people.
Igusa rivers on the plateau, along with history carved in the area known as parks with walking trails now.
3/2013 Board of education of Suginami-Ku

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auto-translate Kusakawa

脚创新,已成为 Kami 蔺草河称作在旧时代的一条河。 蔺草河和灯芯草 4 丁目地区,向东北方直到蔺草双头公园附近和通道 4 丁目的北部极限分析改变流动向东南从那里,寺河倾泻在清水三丁目。 支持区域的生活也是从河汇流处,寺河小溪,约 3.5 公里,这条河。
0/1707年 (1707 年),由于从哀而不伤村长估计 1000年河流水 (水),蔺草村庄下努力上野水河是 (山腰地区文档指定一个文化财产)。 田形水 Kami 蔺草河与水从山谷头嘴、 传播了稻田两侧直到明治时期,积极作为。
上图是 0/1955年。 蔺草河就是现在我,已经成为一个伟大的操场的儿童,例如,捕捉一条鱼。 这种蔺草河是由于土地周围 0/1981 年涵 (1981 年) 成为了一个涵洞通道的所有。
蔺草河包括旧的历史记录。 我知道从昔日人们用河流域 Kami 蔺草旧石器时代、 绳纹时代和 26 的遗骸。 在这种情况,组织了蔺草河上游朝中间曾经在 7 遗址发掘。 旧石器时代 (15000 年前 3 d 万年前的时候) 调查中从绳纹时代和早期 (8000 多年前 15000 年前) 的材料经常发现,尤其是在晚年仍是集中是这一领域的一个特点。
作为河流,Kami 蔺草河直到现代自史前时期和阶段的生活,带来了对该区域的祝福而流传的很多人。 蔺草河流上高原,随着历史刻在称为公园与现在徒步路径的区域。
3/2013 年


 上の写真は昭和三十年代の様子です。井草川は現代に至るっまで、魚を捕るなど子どもたちの恰好の遊び場ともなっていました。このような井草川ですが、周辺の宅地化に伴い、暗渠化が進み、昭和五十六年(一九八一)にはすべての流路が暗渠 となりました。


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