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auto-translate Positive community and street planning Kiyomasa began build Kumamoto Castle chausu-Yama then came to the Lord in higo, and parallel to, put the power in the town planning of Castle town. Capital town and city in kiyomasa's chausu-Yama (current old Kyo town near) House had shifted the North-South highway along capital town-West 2-Chome, 2-Chome muscle now Kyoto town, more gung-ho West to kinpo town tradesman town was formed. Is that this came from Yanagawa Tachibana clan kyomachi terrace almost at the Center, at the battle of Sekigahara was in favor, defeated and UTO small Western Han vassals kiyomasa, had lived on this earth to each call Yanagawa Shoji, UTO alley. Put these are attacks always put in mind, this is coming on the road-making.
Among the narrow streets of this fishing kiyomasa youdou movement of its troops to the enemy that was built from the strategic intent and now improved as the solution is said to be kept until today their appearance, but traffic was gradually intensified to.
--- Kato kiyomasa

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auto-translate 积极的社区和街道规划
清正开始生成熊本城 chausu 山,然后来到耶和华在肥,且平行于,把力量放在城堡镇的城市规划。 资本的镇和城市在清雅的 chausu 山 (当前旧京镇附近) 房子转移了资本镇西部 2 丁目,现在 2 丁目肌肉沿南北高速公路京都城,更起劲-何西至金宝城商人成立。 是这个来自 Yanagawa 花美氏族 kyomachi 阳台几乎在关原之战的中心是在忙,击败反对派小西汉诸侯清正,过 Yanagawa 商事,反对派小巷的每次调用这个地球上。 把这些都攻击总是放在心里,这就要在修路上。 在其部队向敌人,是从战略意图建立,现为改善解决方案据说是保持直到今天他们的外表,但交通逐渐增强到此钓鱼清正尤杜运动在狭窄的街道。
1993 年 3 月



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