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auto-translate Takeshi Inari Jinja Engi derived from (town owned)
0/1857 ensconced in our company is located in bunshokan-Cho 3-Chome, is the object of worship and Takayuki he lives one theory said that unkei made quite olden Onuki dembei becomes what at the Kashima-shinryû, consign its permission, to apply to the disposal of the University for because Asakusa Hashiba becomes OSA temple to place and pilgrimage to the shrine Memorial failed unfinished and hippo finally be disposal license of 5/22/1856 barrel, this for and built the following year shrines, their bodies moved headquarters from Hashiba now stay beginning and barrel, most May 22, as the Festival date / year. Still burned when disaster 0/1923 area of to also and after enshrined in the current location of imposed or generally fire humbled in pretty God channel the spirit of to and further down this fire, with deities to the prosperity of the hanamachi's remarkable contribution saying desire in nearby walking三業hakusan relationship who is of course far and many visitors from the park side, there is also untimely crowded and there is narrated.
(Classical defiant ones)
After World War II in reconstruction, Showa 55-year renovation and purchasing at the copper was derived from newly Board.
0/1994 February first horse day Outside of the Kanda Inn

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auto-translate 金城武 Inari 神社工程师来自 (镇拥有)

0/1857 安置在我们的公司是位于 bunshokan 町 3 丁目是崇拜的对象,隆之他生活有一种理论说: 那运庆作相当古老大拔 dembei 成为什么在鹿岛 shinryû 委托其权限,适用于大学的处置因为浅草桥场成为 OSA 寺放置和朝圣的参拜纪念失败未完成,河马最后是处置许可证的 1856/5/22 桶,这为和修建以下年圣殿,他们的尸体移走总部从桥场现在呆在开始和桶装,大多数 5 月 22 日,作为节日日期 / 年。
还烧时 0/1923年灾区的到也和载的当前位置后施加或一般火谦卑漂亮神通道中的精神和促进下来这场大火,繁荣的花道的卓越的贡献说欲望在附近的 walking三業hakusan 关系远当然是和许多访客旁边的停车场,从神那里也是不合时宜拥挤和那里叙述。 (古典目中无人的)
二战后国际社会在重建,昭和 55 年的内部装修和购买在铜被来自新董事会。
0/1994年 2 月第一次马天


 当社は旅篭町三丁目にあり 安政四年の鎮座にして 神体は宇之御魂命なり 一説に運慶 作なりと云う 昔時大貫伝兵衛 なるもの当講武所附属地の払下を出願し其の許可を得んが為め浅草橋場なる長昌寺に安置せる此稲荷神社に参詣し 祈念怠ざりしかば遂に安政三年五月二十二日を以て 払下免許となりたる由 これが為翌年社祠を造営し其の本体を橋場より本社に移したるを以て創始として居る今尚ほ毎年五月二十二日を大祭日としてゐる。
 尚段の社域は大正十二年の震災の際焼失せるも其後区画整理により現在地に安置せられたり 一般に火伏せの神なりと其の霊の灼さを伝へられ更に此の火伏せ護神と共に花街の繁昌に貢献顕著だと云ふので近隣の三業関係人は勿論遠く向島辺から参詣人が多く時ならぬ賑かさも有りと申されて居る。(古文のまゝ)


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