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auto-translate Cape Toi Lighthouse The Cape Toi Lighthouse lights up on December 22, 1945, and once every 15 seconds, it illuminates up to about 44 km offshore with a light of 530,000 candela, ensuring the safety of ship traffic navigating the Hyuga Nada. It is a "sea road guide" to protect. At the beginning of construction, a domestic first-class lens was used, but due to the damage caused by the war damage in 1945, it became the current third-class large lens in 1950. This lighthouse provides weather information on wind direction and speed and live camera images in "Sea Safety Information". [Points, etc.] ● Location: Kushima City, Miyazaki Prefecture (Cape Miyazaki) ● Structure: White tower-shaped concrete structure ● Lighthouse height: 15.3m ● Average height from above water to light: Approximately 256m ● Light quality: Single Incandescent light 1 flash every 15 seconds ● Effective luminous intensity: 530,000 candelas ● Light reach distance: 23.5M (approx. 43.5km) ● Lighthouse / lens: 3rd class large lens (diameter approx. 1.6m) ● Light source: Metal halide lamp 400W [History] S4.12.22 First lighting, 1st class lens, total construction cost: 84,200 yen S14.8.1 Meteorological observation work started (S49.6.1 abolished) S19.7.2 Electrification, incandescent light bulb 2,000W installation S20.7.29 Off due to war damage S25.1.1 Main light restoration, third-class large flash lens S25.9.13 Lights off due to typhoon disaster, light wax damage S26.5.27 Main light restoration S29.6.1 Ship weather reporting business started S47.5.15 Lighthouse weather information (wind direction, wind speed, wave height) started to be provided H2 .2.1 H10.3.31 Selected as one of the 100 best views of architecture in Miyazaki Prefecture Equipment replacement (change the light source to a metal halide lamp) H10.11.1 Selected as one of the "50 lighthouses in Japan" H16.3.31 Elimination of staying work (unmanned), patrol method H31.3 Registered as a national tangible cultural property Miyazaki Maritime Security Department

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auto-translate 都肥岬灯塔 都肥岬灯塔于 1945 年 12 月 22 日点亮,每 15 秒一次,它以 530,000 坎德拉的灯光照亮近海约 44 公里,确保了日向滩航行的船舶交通安全。 《海路指南》保护。建工之初,使用的是国产一级镜头,但由于1945年战损造成的损坏,1950年成为现在的三级大镜头。这座灯塔在“海上安全信息”中提供有关风向和风速的天气信息以及实时摄像机图像。 【要点等】 ●地点:宫崎县久岛市(宫崎岬) ●结构:白色塔形混凝土结构 ●灯塔高度:15.3m ●从水面到光线的平均高度:约256m ●光质:单白炽灯灯每15秒闪烁1次●有效发光强度:530,000坎德拉●光到达距离:23.5M(约43.5km)●灯塔/透镜:3级大透镜(直径约1.6m)●光源:金属卤化物灯400W [历史] S4.12.22 首次点灯,一级镜头,总建设成本:84,200 日元 S14.8.1 气象观测工作开始(S49.6.1 废止) S19.7.2 电气化,白炽灯泡 2,000W 安装 S20.7.29 因战争关闭损坏 S25.1.1 主灯修复,三等大闪光灯镜头 S25.9.13 台风灾害熄灯,光蜡损坏 S26.5.27 主灯修复 S29.6.1 船舶气象报告业务开始 S47.5.15 灯塔气象信息(风向、风速、波高)开始提供 H2 .2.1 H10.3.31 被选为宫崎县建筑百选之一 设备更换(将光源改为金属卤化物灯) H10.11.1 被选为其中之一“日本灯塔 50 座” H16.3.31 取消逗留工作(无人)、巡逻方式 H31.3 登录为国家有形文化财产宫崎海事部

海の道しるべ 都井岬灯台

都井岬 灯台 は、昭和4年12月22日に点灯し、15秒に1回、53万カンデラの光で約44km沖合までを照らし、日向灘を航行する船舶交通の安全を守る「海の道しるべ」となっています。


S4.12.22 初点灯、1等レンズ、総工費:84,200円
S14.8.1 気象観測業務開始(S49.6.1廃止)
S19.7.2 電化、白熱電球2,000W取付
S20.7.29 戦災により消灯
S25.1.1 本灯復旧、三等大型閃光レンズ
S25.9.13 台風災害、灯ろう破損により消灯
S26.5.27 本灯復旧
S29.6.1 船舶気象通報業務開始
S47.5.15 灯台の気象情報(風向・風速・波高)提供開始
H2.2.1 宮崎県建築百景に選ばれる
H10.3.31 機器換装(光源をメタルハライドランプへ変更)
H10.11.1 「 日本の灯台50選 」に選ばれる
H16.3.31 滞在勤務解消(無人化)、巡回方式となる
H31.3 国の有形文化財 に登録



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