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auto-translate Nikko Prefectural Natural Park Well Marsh Data Altitude 1,280m Altitude 500m East-West 60-140m Area 3.6ha The Yokone Kogen area centered on the Well Marsh is home to a variety of animals and plants, including rare species. A large food pyramid with the hawk-eagle at the top is formed. It is an area with a high degree of naturalness, and 8ha including the marshland and its surroundings is protected as a first-class special area of the Prefectural Natural Park. In the marsh, water from the surroundings flows slowly toward the center, creating a moist area. The central stream flows northeast and continues to the five-tiered waterfall. However, in recent years, the riverbed of waterways has been eroded and the flow has become faster, and the marsh has become dry. In addition, feeding damage such as deer and invasion of alien species have been confirmed. In order to conserve the precious ecosystem in the future, this council is working on projects such as riverbed erosion prevention, deer control net maintenance, and alien species removal. In and around the well marsh, please refrain from capturing and collecting animals and plants, and enjoy a walk while observing the rules. December 2014 Yokone Kogen Conservation and Utilization Council

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auto-translate 日光县立自然公园 井沼数据 海拔 1,280m 海拔 500m 东西 60-140m 面积 3.6ha 以井沼为中心的横根高原地区是各种动植物的家园,其中包括珍稀物种。鹰鹰在顶部形成。这是一个自然度很高的区域,包括沼泽地及其周边在内的8公顷被保护为县立自然公园的一级特殊区域。在沼泽中,周围的水慢慢地流向中心,形成了一个潮湿的区域。中央溪流向东北流,一直延伸到五层瀑布。但近年来,水道河床被侵蚀,水流变快,沼泽变得干涸。此外,鹿的摄食损害和外来物种的入侵已得到证实。今后,为了保护珍贵的生态系统,本会正在开展河床侵蚀防治、防鹿网维护、外来物种清除等项目。井沼内及周边,请勿捕捉、采集动植物,并在遵守规则的同时享受散步的乐趣。 2014 年 12 月 横根高原保护利用协议会

前日光県立自然公園 井戸湿原

標高 1,280m付近
規模 東西約500m、南北60~140m
面積 約3.6ha

 井戸湿原 を中心とした 横根高原 一帯は、希少種を含む多様な動植物が生息・生育していて、クマタカを頂点とする大きな食物ピラミッドが形成されています。自然度が高く保たれている地域で、湿原とその周辺を含む8haは 県立自然公園 の第1種特別地域として保護されています。



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