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auto-translate Registered Tangible Cultural Property Building Former Yawata Town Hall -Kunigami Hachiman Old Government Building Memorial Hall-Government Building / Dozo In 1936, Shimatani Village and Yawata Village merged to form Yawata Town. The government building was opened in Yawata-cho and Tonomachi in 1905. It disappeared in 1919 due to a large fire in Kitamachi. In 1922, the town hall was relocated to the site of the founding company of the silk reeling company Kaishosha in Shimatani, Minamimachi. After that, in 1936, the mayor of Chuhei Nakagami built a new Yawata Town Hall Government Building. The government building has 13 and a half girders, 12 girders, a two-story wooden hipped roof, and a tiled roof. The outer wall is clapboard except around the eaves, and the opening is a modern Western-style building with vertically long windows. According to the sign on a building, the carpenter&39;s builder is Toubei Mizutani, the same as the Yawata Castle simulated castle tower. The first floor is the town administration office, and you can still see the remnants on the counter. At that time, new Western-style technology was used for the roof structure, and the chamber on the second floor is a large space without pillars. It was used as the main government building of the town hall until 1994, but now it is used for tourist information and product sales. In front of the government building, Gujo Odori&39;s birth festival and dance payments are held, making it an important tourist base.

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auto-translate 登录有形文化财产建筑物 旧八幡町役所-国上八幡旧政府大楼纪念馆-政府大楼/土藏 1936年,岛谷村和八幡村合并形成八幡町,1905年在八幡町和户之町开设了政府大楼。 1919年因北町大火而消失。 1922年,市政厅迁至位于南町岛谷的缫丝公司Kaishosha的创始公司所在地。之后,1936年,中上中平市长新建了八幡町政府大楼。政府大楼有13根半梁、12根大梁、两层木屋檐、瓦屋面。外墙除屋檐外均为隔板,洞口为现代西式建筑,窗户纵长。根据建筑物上的标志,木匠的建造者是东兵卫水谷,与八幡城模拟天守阁相同。一楼是镇管所,柜台上的残迹还可以看到。当时的屋顶结构采用了新的西式技术,二楼的房间是一个没有柱子的大空间。 1994年以前作为市政厅的主要政府大楼使用,现在用于旅游信息和产品销售。政府大楼前举行郡上大通的诞生祭和舞会,是重要的观光据点。

国登録有形文化財建造物 旧八幡町役場 -郡上八幡旧庁舎記念館-
庁舎・土蔵 昭和11(1936)年

 その後、昭和11(1936)年、八幡町役場庁舎を 仲上忠平 町長が新築しました。庁舎は桁行13間半、梁間12間、木造二階建寄棟造、桟瓦葺です。外壁は軒廻りを除き下見板張り、開口部は縦長の窓が並ぶ近代洋風建築です。棟札によると大工棟梁は八幡城模擬天守と同じ 水谷藤兵衛 (とうべえ)です。
 1階は町政執務室で、現在もカウンターにその名残を見ることができます。屋根構造に当時では新しい洋風技術を用いて、2階の議場は柱のない広い空間となっています。平成6(1994)年まで町役場の本庁舎として使用されていましたが、現在は、観光案内や物販などに活用されています。庁舎の前では 郡上踊 の発祥祭や踊納めが行われるなど、重要な観光拠点となっています。


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