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auto-translate Mt. Bukozan ”Mt. Buko (elevation 1304m) is an independent peak at the end of a ridge that extends north from the Okuchichibu Mountains, and the northern half of the mountain body is occupied by limestone 200 million years ago. In the middle of this area, limestone plants with abundant peculiarities such as "Tripletooth goby", which is an endemic limestone plant and grows only on Mt. In addition, limestone mining began in the Taisho era, increased during the period of high economic growth, and has changed rapidly since around 1965. In 1981, collaborative mining by three related companies began and continues to the present day. At present, the Mitake Shrine is enshrined on the summit of Mt. It was erected, and during the Edo period, rituals on the mountaintop became even more popular. Folk events enshrining Mt. Buko are widely seen throughout the Chichibu region, such as the Chichibu Night Festival, the Kagura of the Ontake Shrine Satomiya, the Mita Ue Shinto ritual, and the rain-making event. The opening of Mt. Buko is held on May 1st every year.

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auto-translate 武库山 武库山(海拔1304m)是从奥秩父山脉向北延伸的山脊末端的一座独立山峰,山体的北半部被2亿年前的石灰岩占据。在这个区域的中部,石灰岩植物具有丰富的特殊性,如“三齿虾虎鱼”,这是一种石灰岩特有植物,只生长在山上。此外,石灰石开采始于大正时代,在经济高速增长时期有所增加,自 1965 年左右以来发生了迅速变化。 1981 年,三个相关公司的合作采矿开始并一直持续到今天。现在,御岳神社被供奉在山顶上,在江户时代,山顶上的祭祀活动更加盛行。秩父夜祭、御岳神社里宫神乐、三田上神道、造雨等祭祀武子山的民俗活动在秩父地区随处可见。每年5月1日举行武科山的开山仪式。


 武甲山 (標高1304m)は、 奥秩父山地 より北方へのびる尾根の末端にある 独立峰 で、山体の北半分を二億年前の 石灰岩 が占めています。
 現在、武甲山の山頂には、 御嶽神社 が鎮座していますが、古くは平安・鎌倉時代まで遡る痕跡が見いだされ、戦国時代になると蔵王・熊野の両権現をはじめとした社殿や寺院等が建立され、江戸時代には山頂での祭祀が一層盛んになりました。


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