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auto-translate Warspot "Shinmei no Okeyaki" Our shrine&39;s Mikamiki, which is also a power spot, "Shinmei no Okeyaki" is the largest "Okeyaki" in the prefecture, which is said to be over 1000 years old (tree height 33m, trunk circumference 7. With a length of 83m and a branch width of 25m), it was designated as a "Historic Site Scenic Beauty Natural Monument" by the Ministry of Education at that time in 1945, and is today the first preserved tree designated by Kanazawa City. This "Shinmei no Okeyaki" shows various expressions throughout the four seasons, such as fresh green spring, hot summer, autumn leaves, and cold winter. Since ancient times, giant trees have been said to have the power to generate energy, and it is said that if you feel the refreshing breath of the bosom with wide branches, it will be beneficial to that person. Continue to heal various people in the past, present, and future, and feel the overwhelming presence of "Shinmei no Daikeyaki" with your own skin. During the feudal era, every year on New Year&39;s Day, the Shimenawa hung on the gates of the castle and the lord&39;s palace, living room, etc. It is customary to burn underneath, and is the "originator of Kanazawa&39;s Sagicho." Around the 7th year of Genwa (1621), when the Ise dance became popular here, people left Kanazawa Castle and paraded around during this period aiming for the final destination, the Omiya Daikeyaki, and danced for three days and three nights. It is said that the bustle that was revealed was as grand as the Kanda Matsuri and Asakusa Sanja Matsuri festivals in Edo. Origin The gentle slope of National Highway 157 in front of our shrine has been called "Jinwarizaka Kamewarizaka" since ancient times, and when Minamoto no Yoshitsune and Benkei and his group went to Ataka-no-Seki to escape difficulties during the Kamakura period. It is named after the episode of breaking an important bottle, and I think that Yoshitsune and his party may have taken a temporary rest under this "Shinmei no Okeyaki", and I feel the romance of history. Chuya Nakahara, a poet in the early Showa period, wrote poetry based on his own memory of seeing the light-duty unburden box office (currently the circus) held under the Daikeyaki of our shrine during his childhood in Kanazawa. It is said that he made "Circus". It is said that Saisei Murou, a literary master of Kanazawa, also spent his childhood at Uhoin near our palace, so he often used the area around Miyazaki University Kibana as a playground and had a lot of influence on his childhood personality formation. --- Zelkova

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auto-translate 战场“ Shinmei no Okeyaki”神社的Mikamiki,也是一个发电站,“ Shinmei no Okeyaki”是县内最大的“ Okeyaki”,据说已有1000多年的历史了(树高33m,树干周长7它长83m,分支宽25m),于1945年被教育部指定为“历史遗迹风景秀丽的自然纪念物”,今天是金泽市指定的第一棵保存完好的树。这个“ Shinmei no Okeyaki”在整个四个季节表现出各种表情,例如新鲜的绿色春天,炎热的夏天,秋天的落叶和寒冷的冬天。自古以来,据说巨树具有产生能量的能力,据说如果您感觉到宽阔的枝条使胸口清新,对那个人将是有益的。继续医治过去,现在和未来的各种人,并以自己的皮肤感受到压倒性的“ Shinmei no Daikeyaki”的存在。在封建时代,每年的元旦,岛上都悬挂着石门渡。城堡和领主的宫殿,起居室等都挂在门上。习惯烧在下面,是“金泽三木町的发源地”。在江户时代的第七年(1621年),当伊势之舞在这里非常流行时,人们离开金泽城堡,在此期间前往目的地大宫大木垣(Omiya Daikeyaki)游行,并进行了三天三夜的跳舞。据说被发现的喧嚣与江户的神田祭和浅草三ja祭一样盛大。起源自古以来,神社前的157号国道的平缓斜坡就被称为“ Jinwarizaka Kamewarizaka”,而在镰仓时代,当Minamoto no Yoshitsune和Benkei及其小组去Ataka-no-Seki避开了困难。它以打破一个重要瓶子的事件而得名,我认为在这次“新明的御崎烧”的统治下,吉经及其同僚可能暂时休息了,我感受到了历史的浪漫。昭和初期的诗人中原初也,是根据自己的回忆写成诗歌的,当时他在金泽的童年时代就看到了我们神社大key木下的轻型轻松票房(现为马戏团)。制作了“马戏团”。据说,金泽的文学大师西成濑吾郎也在我们的宫殿附近的Uhoin度过了童年,因此他经常将宫崎大学木场的周边地区用作游乐场,对他的童年人格形成产生了很大的影响。 -泽尔科娃

 当宮の#御神木 で、パワースポットでもある “神明の大けやき”は、樹齢千年を越えると云われる県下最大の“大けやき”(樹高33m、幹周7.83m、枝幅25m)で、昭和十八年に当時の文部省より『史跡名勝天然記念物』の指定を受け今日では金沢市指定保存樹の第一号であります。この“神明の大けやき”は、新緑の春、盛暑の夏、紅葉の秋、厳寒の冬・・・、四季折々を通じて様々な表情を見せてくれます。




 当宮前の国道157号線のなだらかな坂は、古来より『瓶割坂かめわりざか』と言い、鎌倉時代に難を逃れる為に源義経 と弁慶一行が安宅関を目指して通った際に、大切な瓶を割ったエピソードにちなんでおり、もしかする義経一行がこの“神明の大けやき“の下で、一時の休息を取ったかもしれないと思え馬、歴史のロマンを感じます。

 昭和初期の詩人・中原中也 は、金沢で過ごした幼年期に、当宮大けやきの下で開催されていた軽業かるわざ興行(現在のサーカス)を見た自らの記憶を基にして、詩『サーカス』を作ったと云われています。

 ”金沢の文豪“室生犀星 も幼少期を当宮近くの雨宝院で過ごした為、当宮大けやきの周りをよく遊び場にし、幼年期の人格形成に多くの影響を与えたと云われます。



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