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auto-translate Tangible Cultural Property Hokkakyoji Bronze Shaka Nyorai sitting statue Hokekyoji Please Usha Nyorai Zazo This Buddha Nyorai statue is made of bronze, cast, total height 4.52 m, statue height 3.45 m. According to the inscription, this statue was erected in the 4th year of Kyoho (1719) with the 59th Nichizen Nichizen as the main idol, praying for the peace of this world and the spread of the Lotus Sutra. .. In the latter half of the Edo period, the eleven great Buddha statues (Nyorai form) were known in and around Edo town, but there are nine existing statues, and this statue is the largest of them. The founder who cast this elephant is Masayoshi Fujiwara, Suruga Ota of Edo Kanda Nabecho. Masayoshi Fujiwara is an imoji who was active in the middle of the Edo period, and has worked on five bodies of the Ariake Edo Roku Jizo. It has been produced for 11 years from 1708 (1708) to Kyoho 4 (1719). This statue is a bronze statue and is presumed to be cast by a wooden mold. A door with a side of about 60 cm is provided in the center of the back, and you can enter the womb, and on the upper shoulder and lower waist across the back door, there are inscriptions written about the origin and history of the construction. It is abundantly carved. This statue meets the three conditions of the Great Buddha of Edo: period (mid-Edo period), size (belonging to large size), and caster (justice name that was active in the middle of Edo period). In a survey accompanying repairs from April 2008 to March 2008, the only manufacturing technology among all 40 Edo Daibutsu bodies was completely developed. We were able to obtain a large amount of data that will serve as a reference for future research on the Great Buddha of Edo, even in terms of elucidation and scientific results such as three-dimensional measurement of all outer and inner surfaces and analysis of metal components. As a Great Buddha of the Edo period, it has excellent quality and technique, and it will be a valuable resource for understanding the religious and religious activities in the middle of the Edo period by clarifying the survey results in Rendai and the inscriptions engraved on the Great Buddha. It was designated as a city-designated cultural property. March, 3rd year of Reiwa Ichikawa City Board of Education Hokkakyoji Ichikawa City Designated Tangible Cultural Property Shaka Nyorai Sitting Statue Ota Suruga Mamoru Fujiwara Masayoshi Edo Daibutsu Edo Roku Jizo Founder

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auto-translate 有形文化财产北海道青铜Shaka Nyorai坐像Hokekyoji请Usha Nyorai Zazo这座Nyorai佛像由青铜铸造而成,总高4.52 m,雕像高3.45。m。根据碑文记载,此雕像是在巨峰四年(1719年)竖立的,以第59任禅曾日禅为主要偶像,为这个世界的和平与莲花经的传播祈祷。在江户时代的后半期,在江户镇及其周边地区已知有十一尊大佛像(Nyorai形式),但现有九尊,其中最大的一尊。铸造这头大象的创始人是江户神田锅部町的杉田正义。藤原正义(Masayoshi Fujiwara)是一个表情符号,活跃于江户时代中期,曾在有明江户Roku Jizo的五个遗体上工作,从1708(1708)到Kyoho 4(1719)已经生产了11年。该雕像是青铜雕像,推测是由木制模具铸造而成。后面的中央设有一扇门,侧面约60厘米,您可以进入子宫,后门的上肩和下腰有关于该建筑起源和历史的铭文。它被雕刻得很丰富。该雕像符合江户大佛的三个条件:时期(江户中期),大小(属于大尺寸)和施法者(在江户中期活跃的司法名称)。从2008年4月到2008年3月,在40个江户大佛全身中唯一的制造技术已经完全开发出来,我们能够获得大量数据,甚至可以作为今后对江户大佛研究的参考。阐明和科学结果,例如对所有外表面和内表面进行三维测量以及对金属部件进行分析。作为江户时代的大佛,它具有卓越的品质和技术,它将通过澄清人代的调查结果和刻在其上的铭文,成为了解江户中期宗教和宗教活动的宝贵资源。大佛,被指定为城市指定的文化财产。市川礼和3年3月,市川北海寺院指定有形文化遗产坂井香菜坐像大田骏河守藤原正义江户大社江户六生创始人

市川市指定 有形文化財
法華経寺銅造釈迦如来坐像 ほけきょうじどうぞうしゃかにょらいざぞう




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