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auto-translate Numahara Wetland is a sub-alpine swamp with an altitude of 1,230m, east-west 250m and north-south 500m. Since this marshland is moistened only by the surrounding rainfall, the water level changes drastically and it becomes swampy or dry depending on the amount of precipitation. From early spring to autumn, the marshland is decorated with sageseum, renge azalea, sagebrush, black sedge, shimotsuki, nohanashobu. The pond on the left is a reservoir for storing water for pumped storage power generation. The Numahara Power Station is built underground about 2 km away and can generate a maximum of 675,000 kW. Pumped storage power generation uses the power generated at thermal power plants and nuclear power plants at midnight to pump up the water from the lower pond (Lake Miyama) to the upper pond (Numahara pond), and then use this water as needed during the day. It will be dropped to power generation. Ministry of the Environment Nasushiobara City

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auto-translate Numahara湿地是亚高山沼泽,海拔1,230m,东西向250m,南北向500m。由于该沼泽地仅被周围的降雨润湿,因此水位会急剧变化,并且根据降水量而变得沼泽或干燥。从早春到秋天,沼泽地上装饰着鼠尾草,renge杜鹃花,鼠尾草,黑莎草,shimotsuki,nohanashobu。左边的池塘是一个蓄水的水库,用于抽水蓄能发电,沼原电站建在地下约2公里处,可发电675,000千瓦。抽水蓄能发电利用深夜在火力发电厂和核电厂产生的电力将水从下部池塘(美山湖)抽到上部池塘(沼原池),然后在白天根据需要使用这些水。它将投入发电。环境部那须盐原市

 沼原湿原 は、標高1,230m、東西約250m、南北約500mの亜高山の湿原です。この湿原は周囲の降水だけで潤っているので、水位の増減が激しく降水量によって沼のようになったり、干上がったりします。早春から秋へとザゼンソウ・レンゲツツジ・サワギキョウ・ニッコウキスゲ・シモツケ・ノハナショウブなどが可憐に湿原を彩ります。

 環境省 那須塩原市


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