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auto-translate Grave of Kisaku Takamatsu, a designated historic site of the inn ward Location of 2-8-8 Wakaba, Shinjuku-ku, Japan Designated date July 6, 1980: Naoto Shinjuku&39;s ancestor, Yoshiroku Takamatsu, was originally a master of Kihei and Asakusa. there were. At the time, the first post station on the Koshu Kaido departed from Nihonbashi and was a high well of about four miles (approximately 16 km), which was very inconvenient. Along with the people, he submitted a petition to the Shogunate to open a post office in a part of the Naito Family Shimoyashiki (now the north side of Shinjuku Gyoen). The following year, permission was granted, and Kiroku paid 560 cars for opening a post office and managed a wholesaler and a headquarters. Kiroku died in August of 17th (17th year), but the Takamatsu family has been the master of Naito Shinjuku for generations. The tombstone is 80 centimeters tall and engraved with "Naito Shinjuku developer Takamatsu Kinpachi Tomotsutsu" on the right side. The designated grave of Yasuki Hanawa, a designated historic site in Shinjuku Ward On November 2, 1975, the national scholar of the middle of the Edo period, the famous scholar of `` Group Documentary, &39;&39; Yasuki Hanawa was enrolled in the 3rd year He was born in Hokino Village, Kodama-gun, Musashi-kuni (currently Hokino, Kodama-cho, Honjo City, Saitama Prefecture). His last name was Ogino and his first name was Tatsunosuke. He became ill at the age of five and lost his sight at the age of seven, but at the age of thirteen he went to Edo and became a subordinate of Sugaichi Amemiya Inspection School, and received his name. He was recognized for his excellent memory and was allowed to study, studying national studies, Chinese studies, waka, and medicine. Especially in Kokugaku, he studied with Kamo Mafuchi and deepened his knowledge. Tenmei (1973) Inspection of the school in 1978, and worked on the proofreading of the `` History of Japan &39;&39; of the Mito clan, but in 1953 (Kansei 5) opened a Japanese-language Kodansho, the shogunate With help from him, he collected books and provided guidance to the pupils. The Bunsetsu Observatory was completed in Bunsei 2 (1881), and the school was inspected in the same year in the same year. He was 76 years old. The tomb was first built at Anrakuji Temple, but was abandoned in 1881 and reburied at Aizen-in Temple. The tombstone is 103 cm tall. June, 2004 Shinjuku City Board of Education

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auto-translate 旅馆病房的指定历史遗迹高松木坟,日本新宿区若叶2-8-8地点指定日期1980年7月6日有。当时,Koshu Kaido的第一个哨所始于日本桥,井高约4英里(约16公里),非常不便。他与人民一起向幕府递交了请愿书,要求在内藤家族下桥敷(现在是新宿御苑的北侧)的一部分开设邮局。次年,获得许可,雾六为开办邮局支付了560辆汽车,并管理了批发商和总部。 Kiroku于17年8月(17日13日)去世,但Takamatsus几代人都是Naito Shinjuku的主人。墓碑高80厘米,右侧刻有“ Naito Shinjuku开发人员Takamatsu Kinpachi Tomotsutsu”。 1975年11月2日,江户时代中期的国立学者,著名的《团体纪录片》学者花泽靖三被录取为新宿区的指定历史遗迹花浦靖三。他出生于武藏国国小玉郡北野村(现为Sa玉县本庄市小玉町北野)。他的姓氏是Ogino,名字是Tatsunosuke。他五岁时病了,七岁时失明,但是十三岁时他去了江户,成为了杉吉市雨宫检查学校的下属,并获得了自己的名字。他以出色的记忆力而闻名,并被允许学习,学习国学,国学,和歌和医学。尤其是在国分,他与加藤真史一起学习并加深了他的知识。 Tenmei于1978年进入学校检查,并致力于水户域的《大日本历史》的校对工作,但于1973年开设了Wagaku Kodansho,在他的帮助下,他收集了书籍并为学生提供了指导。本塞苏天文台在文成2号(1881年)建成,并于同年进行了视察。他当时76岁。该墓始建于安乐寺(Anrakuji),但于1881年被废弃,并在艾曾院(Aizen-in)重埋。墓碑高103厘米。 2004年6月,新宿区教育委员会

新宿区指定史跡 高松喜六 の墓
所在地 新宿区若葉二丁目八番地
指定年月日 昭和五十九年七月六日
内藤新宿 の生みの親高松喜六は、もとは喜兵衛といい浅草の名主であった。喜六は、当時甲州街道
最初の宿場日本橋 を出発して四里余り(約十六キロ)の高井戸 であり、大変不便であったので、
元禄 十年(一六九七)に同志四人とともに幕府に、内藤家下屋敷の一部(現在の新宿御苑北側)に宿場を開
翌年許可がおり、喜六は宿場開設資金五六〇〇両を納め、問屋・本陣を経営した。 喜六は正徳 三年(一
七一三)八月に没したが、高松家は代々内藤新宿の名主 をつとめた。

塙保己一 の墓
指定年月日 昭和五十九年十一月二日
群書類従 」の編者として名高い江戸時代中期の国学者 塙保己一は、延享 三年(一七四六)に武蔵国児玉郡保木野村(現在の埼玉県本庄市児玉町保木野)に生まれた。姓は荻野、幼名は辰之助といった。
天明 三年(一七八三)に検校となり、水戸藩 の「大日本史 」の校正なども手がけたが、寛政五年(一


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