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auto-translate Nunobiki Electric Railway ・ Switch-back type “Extrusion Station” Explanation The fluctuation of the Itabuki Electric Railway The Nunobiki Electric Railway started operation on December 1, 1923, and the trains operated until July 10, 1934. I was Komoro merchants (Gohei Hirano and 15 others) became the founders, and were constructed with the aim of expanding the business area, developing tourism, and developing the Kawanishi district, and dreamed of opening it in the future until Mochizuki. Unfortunately, it was a short-lived railroad that disappeared in less than a decade, suffering from the severe recession of the early Showa era immediately after its establishment and the difficulty in managing electricity and wages due to management difficulties. . A small brown single-car train of about 9m exits Komoro Station, overlooks the Sannomon Gate of Kaikoen on the left, turns left after a while, crosses the Shin-etsu Main Line, crosses the Tochigi River iron bridge, Run in the rice field, the first station will be "Hanakawa Station". (Around the southern end of the school grounds of Ashihara Junior High School) The train crosses Hanakawa with the Asama Mountain Range behind it, crosses the gentle slope that has been cut down, crosses the Saikoji River, and passes through the large curved moat split, and there are more than a dozen houses Arrive at the "extrusion station" inside. (The current location was the site of a switchback extrusion station and the road was a railroad.) In the car where the train started backing at the signal of the conductor, the first passenger got surprised and said, "I will return to Komoro." It was heard that the shout was heard. After returning to the main line, the train continues downhill, crossing the bridge over the Chikuma River, turning right while seeing the cliff rising above the Chikuma River on the left. The children who clung to the window seemed to have shouted, such as "Wow Koeena". When you cross, you will arrive at the large Western-style Nunobiki Station. It is said that most passengers got off here because it was the nearest station to Nunobiki Kannon, which is famous for its legendary “Going to Zenkoji by a cow”. The train leaving Nunobiki Station looks up at the towering Nunobiki Rock on the left, enters Kitamimaki Village (currently Tomiichi), stops at Nunoshita Station, and ends at Shimakawara Station next to the power plant. *** Outline of the railway *** Total length of the track 7.42 km Time required 27 minutes / hour Approx. 30 km Riding capacity 42 crew driver / conductor 1 person 24 yen (half price for children) Operating schedule 1 day 18 round-trip operation time 5: 00 ~ 22:30 Shinmachi Ward ・ A meeting to protect historical heritage established in March 2016

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auto-translate 努诺比基电力铁路・折回式“挤压站”的解释板桥电力铁路的波动努诺比基电力铁路于1923年12月1日开始运营,列车运行至1934年7月10日。我当时Komoro商人(平野五平和其他15位商人)成为公司的创始人,其成立目的是扩大业务范围,发展旅游业和发展川西地区,并梦想着在未来开业直至望月。不幸的是,这是一条短命的铁路,在不到十年的时间内就消失了,它遭受了昭和初期建立后的严重衰退,以及由于管理上的困难而难以管理电力和工资。 。一列约9m的棕色小型单车火车从小莫罗站(Komoro Station)出口出来,向左俯瞰Kaikoen的Sannomon门,过了一会儿左转,穿过Shin-etsu Main Line,穿过Tochigi River铁桥,在稻田中运行,第一个站将是“花川站”。 (在芦原中学的南端附近)火车穿过花川,背后是浅间山脉,穿过被砍伐的平缓斜坡,穿过赛柯治河,并穿过大弯的护城河,有十多栋房屋到达“挤出站”里面。 (当前位置是一个折返挤压站的地点,道路是一条铁路。)在列车上,列车在列车长的信号下开始后退,第一位乘客感到惊讶,并说:“我将返回科莫罗。”听说听到了喊叫声。返回主线后,火车继续下坡,越过千曲河上的桥,向右转,同时看到左侧的千曲河上空升起的悬崖。紧贴窗户的孩子似乎喊了起来,例如“哇哇耶娜”。越过时,您将到达大型的西式努诺比基车站。据说大多数乘客在这里下车是因为它是离努诺比基·坎农(Nunobiki Kannon)最近的车站,努诺比基·坎农(Nunobiki Kannon)以其传奇的“乘牛去赞科寺”而闻名。离开努诺比奇站的火车抬头望向左边高耸的努诺比奇岩石,进入北见村(现为富美市),在沼下站下车,终点在电厂旁边的岛川原站。 ***铁路概况***全长7.42公里所需时间27分钟/小时约30公里乘车能力42名乘务员/售票员1人24日元(儿童半价)运营时间表1天18往返运营时间5:00〜 22:30新町区・ 2016年3月成立保护历史遗产会议

布引電気鉄道スイッチバック方式 の「押出駅 」 説明板
 電車は浅間連峰を背にして、花川を渡り、さらに堀割となっているなだらかな坂を下り西光寺川を渡り、大きくカーブした堀割を抜けると十数戸の集落の中にある「押出駅」に着きます。(現在地がスイッチバック方式の押出駅跡で道路が鉄道敷となっていました。) 車掌の合図で電車がバックをはじめた車内では、初めて乗った乗客がびっくりして「小諸
本線に戻った電車は、引き続き下り坂を走り、千曲川の向こうにそそり立つ断崖を左に見ながら、右にカーブし千曲川 にかけられた鉄橋を渡ります。窓にしがみついた子どもたちからは「ウワーこええなー」などの叫び声があったそうです。
 渡りきると西洋風の大きな「布引駅」に到着です。「牛に引かれて善光寺参り」の伝説で有名な布引観音 の最寄り駅にあたることから、ほとんどの乗客はここで降りたそうです。
 布引駅を後にした電車は、左にそびえ立つ布引岩を見上げながら北御牧村 (現在東御市 ) に入り、布下駅」に止まり、終点は発電所の横にある「島川原駅」となります。

*** 鉄道の概要 ***
線路の全長 7.42 km
所要時間 27分
時速 約30km
乗車定員 42人
運賃 24銭
運行ダイヤ 1日 18往復
運行時間 5時~22時半

新町区 ・歴史的遺産を守る会
平成28年3月 設置


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