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auto-translate Sera Shuzo Invitational Monument Sera Shuzo was born in Chino, Oshima-gun, Oshima-gun, on July 4, 1835, as the third son of Hachiro Nakaji, Tokuo Nakaji. Studied at Otsuchi Juku in the same village, and also studied under Tosaki&39;s maritime hatred and moon nature, and also studied at Kashiwa and Edo. In the 2nd paratrooper, he became an army officer, fighting against the shogunate army in the shogunate war (the role of the four boundaries), leading the battle to victory. He also contributed to the victory of the new government forces in the Battle of Toba Fushimi. In the process of pursuing the Aizu clan debate in response to the new government&39;s order, he became a consul with the Tohoku lords. In April 20th of the Keio period (Meiji 1st year), both Sendai and Fukushima were outside the Fukushima Castle. Captured and died at the age of 32. The Kubota Mountain is erected by Shuzo&39;s summon soul monument, and the contents of the inscription are as follows. Mr. Tenji Takuhisa, General of the Counselor and the House of Directors General Secretary of the Fourth Place Akiyoshi Yamada, etc. Humans are the primates of all things. Moreover, it is clear that loyal loyalty and morally responsible persons will become spirits and demons when they die and will bless the nation forever. It&39;s not a lie. For example, Sera-kun is exactly that person. You started out as a child and loved to study and learned from the monk nature. In the past, he lamented being buried in the countryside, and as he reached a grand age, he went to study under the castle castle, and then went to Kyoto and Edo to learn about famous figures such as Yasui Hen and Hakura Yakuhisa. He tried to master the literary words, and was well versed in the British and Dutch martial arts. After Kainaga, the borders became noisy, and you were eager to go off the coast but could not be realized. When I was in my hometown, I always sought out the path of the country with volunteers, Asada, Kurushima, Takasugi, Hisakas and others. He believed that his thoughts were widely known to the world, fought for that day, and accomplished many important things during that time. When the Tokugawa army rushed to Suo-Oshima, you led your troops to help the army and fight with all your strength, and finally defeated the Tokugawa army. After that, he entered Tokyo along with Shinagawa due to the miserable life of the lord Mori. At that time, Tenko was just taking the throne, and it was a difficult time inside and outside. So you fought with Satsuma Eiji Saigo, Okubo, Komatsu and Aki Eiji Terao et al. A spear was beaten and soldiers were collected from the country. So, saying goodbye to parents, “Now the momentum for the restoration of the monarchy is rising, but the shogunate swallows it and the fire is about to go out. So my life and death is not guaranteed. But please don&39;t worry about me. " My father, Tokushima, was happy to say, “I am eighty-eight, but fortunately you were selected for this important thing, and I was faced with this great difficulty with a small body. However, because it ’s so energetic, there ’s no life or death in your eyes. ” Soon, the military of the East Conquest was ready. You led the second strange soldiers to Tokyo. The work of the restoration of the monarchy really started here. In the coming New Year, he became the leader of the government army upon receiving his life, attacked the bandits and defeated them in various ways. Later, he received a fate from the army of Shijonawate, and as a result of persuasion, he went to Himeji. In March, he became the staff of Governor Okuhama, escorting Oyama Tsunara and Kyujo, Sawa, and Sakaki, and entered the Owase Shrine by sea. Tsunayoshi escorted Sawa third place and went to Shonai, and you escorted the lieutenant general and led Oku&39;s lords to Aizu. The first Sendai lord, Keikuni Date, worshiped the court and visited Misato in Matsushima. Soon, he served as the headquarters of Fukushima, serving Kusunoki and proceeded to Aizu.閏 In April, you were stationed at Shirakawa Castle under the command of various soldiers from Sendai, Nihonmatsu, and Iwanuma. The castle was a strategic point between Aizu and Jusori, but the bandits attacked in the shade of the night.The castle fell and you fleeed to help the prince. Yonezawa lord Uesugi and Keikuni came to the headquarters, met with the Kujo public, and apologized for the Aizu clan, but you refused this and tried to advance the army again to defeat Aizu. However, the line was secretly federated, gathering soldiers and fighting against the government, and the vassals gathered at Shiroishi Castle from each of them, with Date as the leader. On the nineteenth day, you were arrested by a bandit, but were finally killed because you had met with the bandits general and had no reluctance to bow down. His neck was brought to Shiraishi, and his follower&39;s niece was also killed. Speaking of your character, he had a dignified physique, an eyebrows, and a black beard. The personality is simple, he has a very high spirit, and he rarely laughs. After your death, the great army soon advanced to Akita, but the militia had a Western Navy standing in front of them, and advanced allied mercenaries from behind, so the bandits were destroyed and surrendered, and the country finally settled It came to. This is all thanks to you becoming a spirit and a demon and protecting the nation from that world. In June of the coming year, the Imperial Court received a forty-nine stone ritual fee for the performance, “I was worshiped by a bandit and was drowned in difficulty. The loyalty is revealed, the ritual is given, and the achievements are to be communicated for a long time. " Mouri also commemorated your death and praised his achievements. In the 11th year of the Meiji Era, the dead body was buried again at Mt. In June of that year, Tenko&39;s travel to the Tohoku region was given gold coins and the soul was celebrated. Your real name is Mr. Nakatsuji, who was called Shuzo, but left the house and succeeded Mr. Sera. Born July 4th in Tenpo, Saga-no-mura, Suo-Oshima. I was 32 years old. The comrades secretly called you “Mitakehiko Toyosone Spirit God”. This year, Tokutomo, who was a tracer, thought about the construction of a monumental monument at a certain place in your hometown, sent me a letter to that effect, and wanted a tombstone. Therefore, in response to that request, I created an inscription while wiping my tears. Say to the inscription. Magnificent or vast, your naturalness, pureness, death, rewarding national tribute with death, growth of both taka and righteousness Small Secretary No. 7 Okamori Section March 2014 Suo-Oshima Town Board of Education

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auto-translate 世罗修造的应酬纪念碑世罗修造作为大中中八郎德中中次郎的三儿子于1835年7月4日出生于大岛郡大岛郡千野市。在同一个村庄的Otsuchi Juku学习,并在Tosaki的海上仇恨和月球性质下学习,并在柏和江户学习。在第二伞兵中,他成为陆军军官,在幕府战争(四个边界的作用)中与幕府军队作战,领导了这场胜利的战斗。他还为新政府军在鸟羽伏见之战中的胜利做出了贡献。在响应新政府的命令进行会津家族辩论的过程中,他成为东北领主的领事。被捕,享年32岁。久保田山由修造的召唤灵魂纪念碑竖立,其铭文内容如下。参赞参事,四宫山吉彰司司长,众议院秘书长田久隆久先生。人类是万物的灵长类动物。此外,很明显,忠诚的忠诚者和道德责任者死后将成为精神和魔鬼,并将永远保佑国家。这不是谎言。例如,世罗坤就是那个人。您从小就开始,热爱学习和尚。过去,他为被埋葬在乡村而感叹,随着年龄的增长,他去城堡城堡下学习,然后去京都和江户学习有关Yasui Hen和Hakura Yakuhisa的著名人物。他试图掌握文学词汇,并且精通英国和荷兰武术。 Kainaga之后,边界变得嘈杂,您渴望离开海岸,但无法实现。当我回到家乡时,我总是和浅田,九岛,高杉,久阪等人一起走遍全国。他认为自己的思想已为世人所熟知,为之奋斗,并在那段时间里完成了许多重要的事情。当德川军队冲向Su大岛时,您率领部队竭尽所能,最终击败了德川军队。此后,由于森主的悲惨生活,他与品川一起进入东京。当时,Tenko刚登上王位,这在内部和外部都是艰难的时期。然后,您与Satsuma Eiji Saigo,Okubo,小松和Aki Eiji Terao等人战斗。一支长矛被殴打,并从该国收集了士兵。因此,向父母告别:“现在恢复君主制的势头正在增强,但是幕府将其吞噬,大火即将熄灭。因此,我的生与死无法得到保证。但是请不要担心我。”我的父亲德岛(Tokushima)很高兴地说:“我今年88岁,但是幸运的是,您因这个重要的事情而被选中,而且身材矮小的我面临着巨大的困难。但是,因为它是如此充满活力,所以您的眼中没有生死存亡。”很快,“东方征服”军已准备就绪。您带领第二名奇怪的士兵前往东京。君主专制的恢复工作实际上是从这里开始的。在即将到来的新年中,他一生中就成为政府军的领导人,袭击了土匪并以各种方式击败了他们。后来,他得到了Shijonawate军队的注定命运,并且由于说服力,他去了姬路市。 3月,他出任大滨市知事,护卫大山修奈,九条,泽和樱木,并海上进入大w神社。 Tsunayoshi护送Sawa位居第三,前往庄内,而您护送中尉,带领Oku的领主前往会津。仙台第一任领主Keikuni Date敬拜宫廷,并拜访了松岛的Misato。不久,他担任福岛的总部,为serving之木服务,并前往会津。 April 4月,您在仙台,日本松本和岩沼的各种士兵的指挥下进驻白川城。城堡是会津和十里之间的战略要塞,但土匪在夜色中发动了进攻。城堡倒塌了,你逃离去帮助王子。米泽领主上杉和京国来到总部,会见了九条市民,并为会津氏族道歉,但您拒绝了此事,并试图再次推进军队击败会津。但是,这条战线是秘密联盟的,聚集了士兵并与政府作战,而附庸军则从他们俩中每人聚集在白石城,以伊达为首。在第十九天,您被一名土匪逮捕,但由于您遇见了土匪将领并且不愿屈服而最终被杀。他的脖子被带到白石市,跟随者的侄女也被杀害。说到你的性格,他的体态端庄,眉毛浓密,留着黑胡子。性格简单,他有很高的精神,很少笑。在您去世后,伟大的军队迅速晋升至秋田,但民兵在他们的面前站着一支西方海军,并从背后推进了盟军雇佣军,因此土匪被摧毁并投降,该国终于安定下来它来了。这要归功于您成为一种精神和恶魔,并保护了国家免受世界其他地区的侵害。来年的六月,帝国法院为演出收取了49英镑的石制仪式费。“我被匪徒敬拜,陷入困境。表现出忠诚,给出仪式,成就将长期传承。”穆里(Mouri)还纪念您的逝世并赞扬他的成就。在明治时代的11年,尸体再次被埋葬在山。同年6月,天驹前往东北地区获得金币并庆祝了灵魂。您的真名是中津次郎,他叫Shuzo,但他离开了房子,接替了Sera先生。他于7月4日出生在藤大岛县千野村,时速6日,1894年4月1日遭受了一场灾难。我当时32岁。同志们秘密地称你为“丰臣美彦”。今年,是示踪者的德友(Tokutomo)考虑在您家乡某个地方建造一座纪念性古迹,给我发了一封这样的信,并想要一座墓碑。因此,为了响应这一要求,我在擦眼泪的同时创建了一个题词。对题字说。壮丽或广阔,您的自然,纯洁,死亡,以死亡,塔卡和正义的成长回报民族贡品小秘书7冈森课2014年3月O大岛町教育委员会

世良修藏  招魂碑
 世良修蔵は天保六年(# 1835)七月四日、中司八郎右衛門徳熹の三男として周防国大島郡椋野村に生まれた。
 同村の大呑塾に学び、さらに遠崎の海防憎・月性 に師事、萩や江戸にも遊学した。
 第二奇兵隊では軍監となり、幕長戦争 (四境の役)で幕府軍に抗戦し、戦いを勝利に導いた。
 また、鳥羽伏見の戦い でも新政府軍の勝利に貢献した。
 新政府の命を受け奥羽鎭撫総督参謀となり、会津藩征討 を推し進める過程で東北諸藩と対立、慶応四年(明治元年)四月二十日、福島城外で仙台・福島両藩士に捕らわれ、三十二歳で一命を落とした。
 君は幼時よりオ気煥発、学問を好み、僧月性に学んだ。往年、片田舎に埋もれることを嘆き、壮年となるに及んで萩城下に遊学し、後、京・江戸の地を巡り、安井衡羽倉用久 などの名士について学んだ。文辞の習得に努め、そのかたわら英・蘭の兵法書にも精通した。嘉永以後、国境辺が騒がしくなり、君は奮起して洋行を志したが実現されなかった。故郷に居た時、常に有志の士、麻田・来嶋・高杉・久坂たちと国の進むべき道を模索した。また、
自分たちの思想が世に広く知られることを信じ、その日のために奔走し、その間に多くの大事を成し遂げた。徳川軍 が大挙して周防大島 に来襲した際には、君は兵を率いて赴き藩軍を助け、力を尽くして戦い、遂に徳川軍を敗走させた。その後、藩主毛利公 の密命により、品川氏と同道して入京した。その当時は、新たに天子が即位したばかりで、内外に多難な時期であった。そこで君は薩摩藩士 の西郷・大久保・小松及び安芸藩士 の寺尾らと奔走し、共謀して倒幕に至った。詔勅が下され、国元より兵士が集められることとなった。そこで親に別れを告げて言うには、「今、王政復古 の機運が高まっていますが、幕府はそれを恨み憤り、戦火が起ころうとしています。だから、私の生死は保証のかぎりではありませんが、どうか私のことを心配しないで下さい」と。父の徳熹が喜んで言うには、「私は八十八になるが、幸運にもこの大事に際してお前が抜擢され、小さな体でこの大難に立ち向かうことになったのだ。私は老いたとはいえすこぶる元気なゆえ、お前の生死など眼中にはないよ」と。ほどなく、東征の軍隊が整い出発した。君は第二奇兵隊を率いて入京した。王政復古の業は、実にここに始まったのである。
 明くる年の正月、命を受けて官軍の先鋒となり、賊軍を攻めてさんざんに打ち破り、戦いを重ねて進軍し大阪城を陥落させた。後に勅命を四條公の軍に受け、説得の結果姫路へ向かうこととなった。三月、更に奥羽鎭憮総督の参謀となり、大山綱良 と、九條・澤・醍醐の三卿を護衛して、海路によって奥羽の諸藩に入った。綱良は澤三位を護衛して庄内に赴き、君は醍醐少将を護衛して、奥羽の諸藩を統率して会津に赴いた。初めて仙台藩主の伊達慶邦 は朝廷の意向を拝し、松島の三郷のもとを訪れた。間もなく九條公を奉じて福島を本営とし、会津に進撃した。閏四月、君は仙台・二本松・岩沼の諸藩の兵を統率して白河城に駐屯した。その城は会津と十七里の要衝であったが、賊軍が夜陰に乗じて襲撃したため、遂に城は落ち、君は醍醐公を助けて逃走した。米沢藩主上杉氏と慶邦が本営にやって来て九條公に面会し、会津藩のために謝罪したが、君はこれを拒絶し、再び軍を進めて会津を討とうとした。が、列藩はひそかに連盟して、兵を集めて官軍に抗戦することとし、各藩から重臣たちが白石城に集まり、伊達氏を盟主とした。十九日、君は賊に捕縛されたが、進んで賊将たちと会い、語気強く反駁し屈するところのなかったために、遂に投害されたのである。その首は白石にもたらされ、従者の某もまた殺された。
 雄大たり広大たり 君の天性まことに純たり 死をもって国恩に報い 孝・義ともに伸長す わが銘は媚びることなく 君の功は永久に知られん
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