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auto-translate “Nagi” Kunigami Muraoka Hoki (monmon) has a small fort in the middle of the house, with Maeda (Yunani, Yulani) as an ancestor in this house, and has been worshiped for a long time. We had you build a wonderful fort that was a long-cherished wish by the high ranks of the people of Maeda ward and pure property. We say that we are here with the Akashiki Hika family (mon Nakanaka), and we express our sincere thanks to the high ranks of the people of Maeda ward and commemorate the “3 Nagi”, “1 Shikuwasa” and “1 Kuroki”. We donate trees and plant trees. "Nagi" is well-known as the sacred tree (about 1000 years old) of the world heritage site Kumano Hayatama Taisha, located in Shingu city, Wakayama prefecture, and in terms of calmness, it is very safe for voyage safety, peace trees and veins are very strong. Because it is difficult to tear off, it is a tree that ties a bond with an important person, and a historical tree that is revered as a border tree. December 10, 2016 Kunigami-mura Xashiki Hika House (mon-chu) “The restored place of request” The place where the restoration was proceeding at Maeda 12 was completed, and the opening ceremony was held on October 9, 2016. The Before the war there was a hail here, and it was the place where the residents wanted, such as a village event, athletic meet, a trip, when they were recruited and sent to the battlefield, and the name of the place was called Yunani. It is said that she produced Noro. Under the circumstances after the war, natural disasters, and so on, the forts that were here were destroyed and devastated in the post-war period, Ukami (Okami), who had been scolded in the area, was temporarily moved towards Yamahara by the descendants of the Unani family. It was done. After about 1958, the God who had been transferred to Yamahara returned to the area and was scolded by a temporary trap. From that point to the Heisei day, the residents&39; request for the construction of the client&39;s office was strong, and there was a record that the establishment of the client&39;s office was decided unanimously at the door owner regular meeting in August 1970. did not. In June 2012, there was a place where the relatives of the Unani family and the people of the Inanis had a discussion at the Maeda Ward Public Hall, and I could deepen my understanding of the request place. In this ward, we got the understanding of the land owner at No. 12 of Maeda and offered it, introduced the environment improvement project of Onna village, advanced the maintenance, and built the client&39;s office and the toya. In the client&39;s place, there are enshrined Hinukan (the god of fire), a leading family member of the village, and Maeda Noro, which came from the Unani family. (Maeida magazine)

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auto-translate “Nagi”Kunigami Muraoka Hoki(monmon)在房子中间有一个小堡垒,Maeda(Yunani,Yulani)作为这座房子的祖先,并且已经被崇拜了很长时间。我们为你建造了一个美妙的堡垒,这是前田区人民和纯财产的高层人士的长期愿望。我们说我们在这里与Akashiki Hika家族(中中野),我们真诚地感谢前田区人民的高层,并纪念“3 Nagi”,“1 Shikuwasa”和“1 Kuroki”。我们捐赠树木和植树。 “Nagi”是位于和歌山县新宫市的世界遗产Kumano Hayatama Taisha的神圣树(约1000年),并且在平静方面,对于航行安全非常安全,和平的树木和静脉非常强大。因为它很难被撕掉,所以它是一棵与重要人物结合在一起的树,以及一棵被尊为边界树的历史树。 2016年12月10日Kunigami-mura Xashiki Hika House(mon-chu)“恢复的请求地点”在前田12进行修复的地方完成了,开幕式在2016年10月9日举行了。这是。在战争之前,这里有冰雹,这是居民想要的地方,例如村庄活动,运动会,旅行,招募和送到战场时,这个地方的名字叫做Yunani。据说她制作了诺罗。在战后,自然灾害等情况下,这里的堡垒在战后时期遭到破坏和破坏,在该地区被骂的Ukami(Okami)暂时被Unani家族的后裔移向Yamahara。它完成了。大约在1958年之后,被转移到山原的上帝回到了该地区,被一个临时的陷阱骂了。从那时起到平成日,居民要求建设客户办公室的要求很强,并且有记录显示客户办公室的设立是在1970年8月的门主定期会议上一致决定的。事实并非如此。 2012年6月,有一个地方,Unani家族的亲属和Inanis的人们在前田区公共大厅进行了讨论,我可以加深对请求地点的理解。在这个病房,我们得到了前田12号的土地所有者的理解,并提供了它,介绍了恩纳村的环境改善项目,推进了维护,并建立了客户的办公室和toya。在客户的位置,有一个家族的主要家族成员Hinukan(火神)和来自Unani家族的Maeda Noro。 (Maeida杂志)


「梛(なぎ)」は、和歌山県新宮市にある、世界遺産 熊野速玉大社の御神木(樹齢約1000年)としてよく知られ、穏やかという意味から、航海安全、平和の木また葉脈がとても強く、ちぎれにくいことから大切な人との絆を結ぶ木、縁結びの木として尊ばれている由緒ある木であります。


ウカミ (御神) はユナニ家の末裔の方々によって、山原の方へ一時移されていました。
2012年6月に真栄田区公民館でユナニ家の親族と区民が話し合う場を持ち、御願所への理解を深めることができました。当区では真栄田12番地の地権者の理解を得て提供してもらい、恩納村の環境整備事業を導入して整備を進め、御願所と東屋を建立しました。御願所には、集落の有力な家柄ユナニ家のヒヌカン (火の神)とユナニ家から出自した真栄田ノロが祀られています。


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