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auto-translate Along with Inokashira Pond and Zenfukuji Pond, Takaraji Pond Sanhoji Pond is a pond made up of spring water from the groundwater in the Musashino plateau. The area is about 24,000 square meters, and the water depth is about 2 meters on average. It has been said that from the old days there was a lot of water and it wasn&39;t easy either in summer or winter, but spring water decreased year by year, and we are now pumping up and supplying groundwater. During the Edo period, Benten was enshrined in a small pond in the pond, and farmers in more than forty basins in the basin who received the benefit of the Ishigami River, which uses this pond as their main water source, have created lectures and honored them. Yes. In addition, since it has been a banal ground since ancient times, plants and trees grow well, and it is a paradise for birds, and especially in 1935, there are many aquatic plants in nature. It was designated as an object, and was subject to conservation. March Nerima Ward Board of Education

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auto-translate Takaraji Pond Sanhoji Pond与Inokashira Pond和Zenfukuji Pond一起,是一个池塘,由来自Musashino高原地下水的泉水组成。面积约24,000平方米,水深平均约2米。据说从过去开始有很多水,在夏天或冬天都不容易,但是泉水逐年减少,我们现在正在抽水并供应地下水。在江户时代,Benten被供奉在池塘的一个小池塘里,流域四十多个盆地的农民们以石塘河作为他们的主要水源获得了石垣河的利益,他们创造了讲座并对他们表示敬意。直接描述。此外,由于它自古以来就是一片平庸的土地,植物和树木生长良好,它是鸟类的天堂,特别是在1935年,自然界中有许多水生植物。它被指定为一个对象,并受到保护。 March Nerima Ward教育委员会

三宝寺池 は、井の頭池善福寺池 などとともに、武蔵野台地地下水 が湧出し水をたたえてできた池です。面積は、およそ二万四千平方メートル、水深は平均約二メートルです。昔から、水量が多く夏でも冬でも、容易にかれなかったといわれましたが、年々湧水が減少し、現在地下水を汲み上げて補給していす。

江戸時代 には、池の小島に弁天様 が祀られ、この池を主な水源とする石神井川 の恩恵を受けた流域四十余か村の農民が、「講」をつくってて尊崇していました。

沢植物群落」として、国の天然記念物 に指定され、ミツガシワ・シャクジイタヌキモが保存の対象となりました。


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