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auto-translate The old site of the Ki no Uki floor, with its trees, was moved to Tokyo after a wandering life in Hokkaido in May 1908 (1908), and it was moved to the old Kikuzaka town at No. 82 (Hongo 5-15, the site of the present organo company). I stayed at the red heart (Sekishin) building with the help of Kaneda Ichikyosuke. In just four months, I moved to the room on the third floor, a three-mat room and a half room, in the nearby Niisakaue Taidairakan Villa (now Taieikan). Soon after, he got a fixed position as a proofreader of Asahi Shimbun, and rented the second floor 2 of the newly built barber shop named Kinobed, which started the life of the entire family after a long time. It was June of 1909 (1909). Fighting life to support the family of five, lamenting at the trouble of the bride and wife, the tired heart became the song of nostalgia. And, in the case of the Great Remorse, we will open our eyes to society. It is said that the best works of Tochigi have been produced, especially in the latter half of the Kinoko period. Two years and two months of life at the Kino Floor, in August of 1894, the sickness of the mother and wife, the sickness of Tochigi himself, the rental house of the Utsuki family of the present Koishikawa 5-11-7 which will be the end of the land I will move to. Then, eight months later, on April 13, 1912 (1912), the life was closed at the age of 26 years old. Kino Floor (Arai Barber shop) has survived earthquakes and wars since it was built in 1908 (1908), and was the only existing residence in Tokyo related to Tochigi, but it was rebuilt due to the expansion of Kasuga Street. The May 1977 (1978) It was dismantled in the coffin of those who love Tochigi and closed its 70-year history. The old house was relocated to "Meiji village" in 1980 (1980), and remains in its former form. With the help of Mr. Mitsuo Arai, the current owner, a sign was set up here. A river in the middle of a mountain with a feeling of love (in Kino Floor period)-A cultural asset that promotes local love October 1992, Bunkyo Ward Board of Education

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auto-translate 在1908年5月(1908年)在北海道徘徊了一生后,Ki no Uki楼的古老遗址被搬到了东京,并被搬到了位于82号的旧的Kikuzaka镇(当地有机公司所在地Hongo 5-15)。在Kaneda Ichikyosuke的帮助下,我住在红心(Sekishin)大楼。在短短的四个月里,我搬到附近的Niisakaue Taidairakan Villa(现在的Taieikan)三楼的房间,一间三人间和一间半房间。不久之后,他获得了朝日新闻校对员的固定职位,并租用了新建的理发店Kinobed的二楼2楼,这家店经过很长一段时间开始了整个家庭的生活。那是1909年6月(1909年)。为了支持五口之家而战斗生命,为新娘和妻子的烦恼感到悲伤,疲惫的心脏成了怀旧之歌。而且,在伟大悔恨的情况下,我们将睁开眼睛看待社会。据说栃木县最好的作品已经制作完成,尤其是在Kinoko时期的后半段。在1894年8月的基诺楼生活了两年零两个月,母亲和妻子的病,栃木自己的病,现在的小石川5-11-7的Utsuki家族的出租房子将是土地的尽头我会搬到。然后,八个月后,即1912年4月13日(1912年),生命在26岁时关闭。 Kino Floor(Arai理发店)自1908年(1908年)建成以来,在地震和战争中幸存下来,是东京唯一与枥木相关的现有住宅,但由于春日街的扩建而重建。这是。 1977年5月(1978年),在栃木县的棺材中被拆除,并关闭了其70年的历史。这座旧房子于1980年(1980年)搬迁至“明治村”,并保持原有形式。在当前所有者Mitsuo Arai先生的帮助下,在这里设立了一个标志。在山的中间的一条河与爱的感觉(在Kino Floor期间) - 促进当地爱的文化财产1992年10月,文京区教育委员会

啄木ゆかりの喜之床旧跡 きのとこ
石川啄木 は、明治41年(1908)5月、北海道放浪生活 を経て上京し、旧菊坂町 82番地(本郷5-15。現
オルガノ会社の敷地内)にあった赤心(せきしん)館に金田一京助 を頼って同宿した。
朝日新聞社 の校正係として定職を得て、ここにあった喜之床 という新築間もない理髪店の2階2間を借
して、大逆事件 では社会に大きく目を開いていく。啄木の最もすぐれた作品が生まれたのは、この喜
になる現小石川5-11-7の宇津木家の貸家へと移っていく。そして、8か月後、明治45年(1912) 4月13
る人々の哀惜のうちに解体され、70年の歴史を閉じた。旧家屋は、昭和55年(1980) 「明治村」に移築さ

おもいでの川 (喜之床時代の作)
- 郷土愛をはぐくむ文化財 一


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