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auto-translate Origin of the Three Major Daishi and the Horn of the Horny Damnishi Eiji Episode two years after the epidemic spread throughout the country, the god of plague wanders and many people have been affected by the whole body one after another Daishi, When I was quietly reflected my eyes in front of a big mirror in front of a big mirror and it was entered into Zen (God) to change my mind, it was changed to a figure of Osaka and it was changed to the figure of a demon (Yasha) Among the disciples he was looking at, only one person, Akira Akira, was photographed with this figure in a splendid fashion, looking at the picture taken and printing it on a bill with a woodblock print She was ordered again and ordered again to temporarily paste the finished product that was opened for bills to people and paste it to the house of each house and was shown brilliantly the fruit of the disease exorcism eventually this badge Where there is (the image of the horny daughter) where the disease is frightened, it is harder to get away from any troubles. And since it was over a thousand years this bill was called the Hakka Daishi and the elimination of the sickness and dislikes of all diseases as the amulets of the former Three Daigashi revealed a spirit and worshiped nationwide. - - Temple Enryakuji

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auto-translate 三大大师的起源和角质Damnishi Eiji的传说在流传全国蔓延两年后,瘟疫之神徘徊,许多人纷纷受到全身的影响,当我在一面大镜子前面的一面大镜子前静静地反射我的眼睛,然后进入禅(上帝)改变我的思想,它变成了大阪的形象,它变成了恶魔的形象(Yasha)在他看的那些门徒中,只有一个人,Akira Akira,用这个人物以精彩的方式拍照,看着拍摄的照片并将其打印在带有木版画的纸币上她再次被命令并再次命令暂时将打开的成品贴到人们手中并将其粘贴到每个房子的房子里,并且最终显示了疾病驱魔的果实。哪里有(角质女儿的形象)疾病受到惊吓,就更难摆脱任何麻烦。而且由于它已经有一千多年的历史了,所以这个法案被称为客家大师,并消除了所有疾病的疾病和不喜欢,因为前三大桥的护身符显示了一种精神,并在全国范围内受到崇拜。 - - 寺Enryakuji

元三大師角大師 の由来
がんざん つの
永観ニ年 全国に疫病が流行して ちまたでは疫病の神が
徘徊し 多くの人々が 次々と全身と冒されていった
お大師さまは この人々の難儀を救おうと 大きな鏡の前
られると お大師さまの姿ばたんだんと変わり 骨ばかり
の鬼(夜叉)の姿になられた 見ていた弟子達の中でただ
お大師さまは 写しとった絵を見て 版木でお札(ふだ)
に刷るよう命じられ 自らもお札を開眼された 出来上が
けるように再び命じられ 病魔退散の実を見事に示された
のであった やがてこのお札(角大師の影像)のあるとこ
ろ病魔は怖れてよりつかず 一切の厄難から逃れることが
出来た 以来千余年 このお札を角大師と称し 元三大師
の護符として あらゆる病気の平癒と厄難の消除は霊験を


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