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auto-translate According to Edo-ji between Yoshima 3-chome 20 and 21 "... ... From the Yushima, all sides of the edge of the pond are all reached with Nagai Sho, and once the location of emigration of Saito&39;s separate shinmaru ... ·"a. Also, on the south side of Sakashita, there is a legendary story that there were Momoribasuka and a neck wash well in Edo sand and Edo Shi. From this prosperity, the name of the slope arrived. Actual Samura is Nagai Saito&39;s special emperor, he held Nagai Sho (current · Saitama prefecture Osato-gun Masuma-cho) in Musashi country, and was sided by the Heike people. In the second year of Soshinaga (1183), he fought bravely in the battle between Genji &39;s Kiso Yoshinaka and Kaga&39; s country Shinohara (now · Ishikawa prefecture Kaga city), and was hit by Tsukuza Tezuka Komori (Mitsumori). Saito Ali Sakamori said that he had dyed his gray hair black so that his enemies would not be unsightly when he was taken off. This story is described in detail in the Heike Monogatari and Genba Saikyo. The legend of Yushima &39;s "Mori Marutsuka" and "Washes of a neck wash" is believed to be communicated as a tradition by the people of the land who were singled out by the emotional cheeks, remembering the real grass. Cultural assets cultivating local love Bunkyo Ward Board of Education Heisei 132

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auto-translate 根据Yyo 3-chome 20和21之间的Edo-ji“......来自Yushima,池塘边缘的所有侧面都与Nagai Sho一起到达,并且一旦Saito的独立shinmaru的移民位置... ·有。此外,在Sakashita的南侧,有一个传说中的故事,在江户沙和江户时有Momoribasuka和颈洗。从这个繁荣,斜坡的名字到达。实际的Samura是Nagai Saito的特别皇帝,他在武藏国家举行了Nagai Sho(现在·埼玉县大里郡正丸町),并且被Heike人支持。在Soshinaga(1183年)的第二年,他在Genji的Kiso Yoshinaka和加贺的国家筱原(现在的石川县加贺市)之间的战斗中勇敢地战斗,并被Tsukuza Tezuka Komori(Mitsumori)击中。 Saito Ali Sakamori说,他把他的白发染成黑色,以便他的敌人在被取下时不会不雅观。这个故事在Heike Monogatari和Genba Saikyo中有详细描述。据说,汤岛的“Mori Marutsuka”和“洗洗水”的传说被土地上的人们传达,这些人被情绪化的脸颊挑出,记住真正的草。培养当地爱的文化遗产Bunkyo Ward教育委员会平成132

実盛坂(さねもり) 湯島三丁目20と21の間
 江戸志 によれば「・・・湯島 より池の端 の辺をすべて長井庄 といへり、むかし斎藤別当
あったという伝説めいた話が江戸砂子改撰江戸志 にのっている。この実盛 のいわれ
 実盛とは長井斎藤別当実盛のことで、武蔵国 に長井庄(現・埼玉県大里郡妻沼町 )を構え、
平家 方に味方した。寿永 2年(1183)、源氏木曽義仲加賀 の国篠原(現・石川県加賀市 )の
合戦 で勇ましく戦い、手塚太郎光盛 (みつもり)に討たれた。
 斎藤別当実盛は出陣 に際して、敵に首を取られても見苦しくないようにと、白髪 を黒く
染めていたという。この話は平家物語源平盛衰記 に詳しく記されている。

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