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auto-translate Shingon Buddhist Temple Mountain Cliff Kannon Shipyama Mountain Daifukuji Cliff This temple, known as the Ogi Cliff Tone Kannon, is a temple belonging to the Shingon Buddhist school called Shimonoseki Shipyamayama Daifukuji. The red-painted Kannondo floating on the middle of Shipyama mountain in the precincts is called "Kannon of the Cliff" and is religiously worshiped by locals and neighboring people. The main honor of this Kannondo is that the row base (668-749) received the spirit of the Goddess at the end of the eastern province in the first year of the youth (717), praying for the sea security and fishery of local fishermen, It is said that you sculpted 11 facades Kannon Bodhisattva on natural stones. After that, it is said that Dingu was built in the moment when Ding Qian Dao (794 - 863) came here. In the Edo era 2 years adaptation (1653) In February Kannondo faced a fire, lost all the red seal, treasure, biography and so on. In the 5th year of Masanori (1715), Kannondo was rebuilt and the red seal was restored, but due to the heavy rain in Meiji 43, landslides hit the landslides and both the main hall and the garden collapsed. Furthermore, Kannondo / Hondo collapsed due to the Great East Japan Earthquake of Taisho 12 years old, the existing Mido was built in Taisho in 2002, the main hall was built in Showa first year and has reached the present. Tateyama City Designated Tangible Cultural Asset (Sculpture) Polished Cliffs Eleven Oriental Sound Standing Standing Mugen Tsuin Ichimen Kannon Ryuzon is a 11-dimensional Kannoni statue carved on the natural cliffs of the Kannon-do inner team. The image height is 131 cm, standing on the double Lotus seat, with the back of the boat shape behind. A bodhisattva face is engraved in a row on the head, and the Buddha side of the six sides and the top of the head is left. Unfortunately I do not know its expression, as wear is severe and eyes and nose are lost. However, the state of having a water bottle that puts water in the left hand, the strands that are obliquely drooping from the left shoulder of the statue to the right side of the stomach, the stitch that wraps down from the waist, and the two robes of the clothes are expressed around the knee You can see that there is. It can be inferred that it is a style in the middle of the Heian era from a style that made a thick cord-like fold under the knee and widened the width of the waist, but since the whole pain is terrible, it is not possible to determine the age of production. A temple

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auto-translate 真言宗佛寺山崖观音山岳山大福寺悬崖这座寺庙被称为Ogi Cliff Tone Kannon,是一个属于Shingon佛教学校的寺庙,名为Shimonoseki Shipyamayama Daifukuji。漂浮在该区域的Shipyama山中间的红色Kannondo被称为“悬崖的Kannon”,并被当地人和邻居虔诚地崇拜。这个Kannondo的主要荣誉是行基(668-749)在青年的第一年(717)在东部省的末端接受了女神的精神,为当地渔民的海上安全和渔业祈祷,据说你用天然石头雕刻了11个外观观音菩萨。之后,据说丁鼎是在丁谦道(794 - 863)来到这里的那一刻建造的。在江户时代2年改编(1653年)2月坎农多面临火灾,失去了所有的红印,宝藏,传记等。在Masanori(1715年)的第5年,Kannondo被重建,红色海豹被修复,但由于明治43号的大雨,山体滑坡撞击了山体滑坡,主殿和花园都倒塌了。此外,由于大正东日本大地震12年,Kannondo / Hondo倒塌,现有的Mido于2002年在大正建成,主殿于昭和建成第一年并已到达现在。立山市指定有形文化财产(雕塑)抛光悬崖11个东方声音常设Mugen Tsuin Ichimen Kannon Ryuzon是一个11世纪的Kannoni雕像,雕刻在Kannon-do内部团队的天然悬崖上。图像高度为131厘米,站在双莲花座位上,后面是船形。头上刻成一排菩萨的脸,六面的佛侧和头的顶部都留下了。不幸的是我不知道它的表达,因为磨损很严重,眼睛和鼻子都会丢失。然而,有一个水瓶放在左手的状态,从雕像的左肩斜向下垂到胃的右侧的股线,从腰部包裹的针脚,以及衣服的两个长袍在膝盖周围表现出来的状态你可以看到有。可以推断,它是平安时代中期的一种风格,其风格在膝盖下方形成了粗糙的绳状折叠,并扩大了腰部的宽度,但由于整个疼痛很可怕,因此无法确定生产年龄。一座寺庙

真言宗 智山派 崖観音 船形山 大福寺
 崖観音で知られるこの寺は、普門院 船形山 大福寺と称し、真言宗智山派に属する寺院です。
この観音堂の本尊は、養老元年(717 年)に行基 (668~749年)が東国行脚の折に神人の霊を受け、地元漁民の海上
安全と豊漁を祈願して、山の岩肌の自然石に十一面観世音菩薩 を彫刻したと言われています。その後、慈覚大師 (794~863年)
朱印・仕宝・伝記等すべて失いました。正徳5年(1715 年)には観音堂が再建され、朱印も復旧されましたが、明治43年

います。頭の上には一列に菩薩面が刻まれ、その6 面と頭頂の仏面
が残されています。 磨耗が激しく、目 鼻 ロなどが失われているため、
を広くしたスタイルから、平安時代 中頃の様式ではないかと推測できま



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