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auto-translate King Wen Meguro designated tangible cultural heritage (Building) February 12, Showa 55 February 12, designation Naka Meguro 5-24 This Nijimon was established in 1735 in Kyoho, along with the statue of Nio, Takeshiro Takeshi&39;s daughter Takeka Hime It was donated. Crossing is 8.5 m (28 尺) between the beams 4.3 m (14 尺) Building height 9 m (29.6 尺) three-way one Yagamon gate gable, the tile roof type copper sheet roof (from the roof of the Showa era) Between the two sides of the front, Kiyoho Honbashi Iwami &39;s work of the Nio statue, between the east side of the backside, Okokuten, between the Nishiwaki is settled, both are reportedly the work of Unicycles. Also, inside the center, Kirin in the front and Hippocampus on the back are two beast gods. In addition, the twigs are engraved on the crown above the head, indicating the bearing. Characteristics of architectural styles such as rainbow, konno, elbow, silk thorns violis, carvings of young leaves impressed power, features of tree breaking, detailed picture, etc. are retaining their character in the middle Edo period . Although it has been repaired and repaired several times during the years, she has preserved its original form without changing to shanks, braids, details pictures and so on. Heisei 3, 1993 Meguro Ward Education Committee

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auto-translate Wen Meguro国王指定有形文化遗产(建筑物)2月12日,昭和2月55日,指定Naka Meguro 5-24这个Nijimon成立于1735年在巨峰,与Nio的雕像,Takeshiro Takeshi的女儿Takeka Hime它被捐赠了。横梁是8.5米(28尺)之间的梁4.3米(14尺)建筑高度9米(29.6尺)三向一个Yagamon门山墙,瓦屋顶型铜板屋顶(从昭和屋顶)在前面的两边之间,Kiyoho Honbashi Iwami的Nio雕像的工作,在背面的东侧,Okokuten之间,Nishiwaki之间定居,据说都是Unicycles的作品。此外,在中心内部,前面的麒麟和背面的海马是两个野兽神。此外,树枝上刻有树冠,表示轴承。彩虹,konno,肘,荆棘violis,年轻叶子的雕刻力量,树木破碎的特征,详细的图片等建筑风格的特征在江户时代中期保留了他们的特征。虽然这些年来已经多次修理和修理,但她保留了原来的形状,而没有换成小腿,辫子,细节图片等。 Heisei 3,1993 Meguro Ward教育委员会

仁王門 目黒区指定有形文化財 (建造物)

 この仁王門仁王像 とともに、享保 20年(1735)の建立で、五代将軍綱吉 の息
竹姫 が寄進されたものです。
 桁行8.5m(28尺)梁間4.3m (14尺)棟高9m(29.6尺)三間一戸八脚門切妻造
本瓦葺型銅板葺(昭和6年茅葺 よりふきかえ)円柱は欅材です。
 正面の両脇間に享保20年法橋石見作 の仁王像、背面の東脇間に持国天 、西脇間
増長天 像が安置され、ともに運慶 の作と伝えられています。また、中央間の内
側には正面に麒麟 、背面に海馬 の二獣神 を配しています。なお、頭貫上の蟇股 には
十二支 が彫られ、方位を示しています。
 各虹梁木鼻肘木蚕股 に施された渦紋、若葉紋の彫りは力強さを感じさせ、
木割、細部絵様等の建築様式 の特徴は江戸中期 の性格を留めています。



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