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auto-translate Izumi Toshogu Shrine Yuo Tamai Palace was settled in Kojima gun, Kojima gun (now Okayama city Yonezaki), but the light which emanates from the head every night at the time of the second deceased year (1855) But the fishermen were at a loss for fishing. So when I asked in front of the gods, the priest of the sacred shrine flew up and flew down, there was a oracle to keep on there. Here is where the money dropped. Therefore, this mountain is called Mt. Mamoru Ikeda Mitsuko Ikeda was asked for Toshogu in this place for the second year of Masayoshi (164) and Tamai Palace was relocated to the former square. Initially, one pillar of Toyota ratio was rationed, but then the two pillars of Hikibaito and Tamayoshi selling were religiously enshrined. It became a prefecture company in the Meiji 14 year old, returned to this place again and was religiously affiliated with Toshogu and the company name was changed to Tamai-no-Toshogu. Night festival January 1 sunday festival 7 o&39;clock January 14 th tomodaki at 10 o&39;clock in the afternoon at the Setsuri Bamboo Festival bid fighting festival at 10 am on June 6 at the Golden Dragon Festival at eleven o&39;clock in the morning June 30 Daiei 6 o&39;clock July 30 Days Fall circle festival Autumnal Equestrian Shrine Shrine Company Festival 11 o&39;clock October 4 th Saturday Evening festival The 4 th Sunday of October October 15 th November 10 th Shichi-go-san 23 December 23 White Dragon shrine Festival 11 am December 31 th Dai Excellent 5 p.m. Night Festival afternoon 11 o&39;clock every month the monthly festival April to September morning six o&39;clock Monday - March morning 7 am --- Shrine

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auto-translate Izumi Toshogu Shrine Yuo Tamai Palace落在Kojima枪,Kojima枪(现在冈山市Yonezaki),但是在第二个死者年(1855年)每晚从头部发出的光但渔民们因钓鱼而感到茫然。所以当我在众神面前问道时,神圣圣地的神父飞起来飞了下来,那里有一个神谕要守在那里。这是钱下降的地方。因此,这座山被称为山。 Mamoru Ikeda Mitsuko Ikeda在Masayoshi(164)的第二年被要求在这个地方使用Toshogu,并且Tamai Palace被重新安置到前广场。最初,丰田比率的一个支柱是配给的,但随后Hikibaito和Tamayoshi卖的两个支柱被虔诚地奉献。它成为明治14岁的一家县公司,再次回到这个地方并且与Toshogu有宗教信仰,公司名称改为Tamai-no-Toshogu。夜间节日1月1日星期日节日1月14日星期日下午10点,在6月6日上午10点在金龙节上午4点钟的节日竹节竞标节上6月30日Daiei 7月30日6月秋天圆圈节秋季马术神社公司节10月4日星期六晚上节日10月4日星期日10月15日11月10日Shichi-go-san 12月23日23日白龙神社节12月31日上午11点晚上5点整夜节日下午11点每月节日4月至9月早上6点星期一至3月上午7点---神社

玉井宮東照宮 由緒
 正保二年(一六四五年)藩主池田光政 公がこの地に東照宮 を勧請せられ
玉井宮は前の広場に移築されました。初は豊玉比売命 一柱がお祀され
ていましたが、其後、彦火々出見命玉依比売命 の二柱が合祀されました。

一月一日  歲旦祭   午前七時
一月十四日 とんど焼  午前十時
二月節分  護摩焚並に古札焚上祭 午前十時
六月六日  金龍社祭  午前十一時
六月三十日 大祓    午後六時
七月三十日 輪くぐり祭
秋分の日  少宮社祭  午前十一時
十月第四土曜日 宵祭り 
十月第四日曜日 例大会 午前十時
十一月十五日  七五三
十二月二十三日 白龍社祭 午前十一時
十二月三十一日 大祓 午後五時 除夜祭 午後十一時
毎月一日  月並祭 四月~九月 午前六時
          十月~三月 午前七時


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