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auto-translate Tamagawa ___ Tamagawa ___ ___ 1 ___ ___ 1 ___ ___ 1 ___ ___ 0 Because of that, I could not put a bridge and rely on a ferry, so there was a place in each place in the Tama River from upstream to downstream. This neighborhood transfer has continued for a long time since the Edo period as an important transportation system connecting Yano R. Kan on the other side of Chofu. Even in the modern era, handover is essential to people&39;s lives, such as traffic to farm work by other people who have farmland in Chofu, transportation of agricultural products, fertilization to the former Tokyo city, other annual events, etc. . There were several transfers in this neighborhood, but the transfer was managed in both villages of Yanaguchi village and Suganumura from a long time ago. Along with the change in the flow of the Tama river, the place frequently moved. The name of the transfer place also changed from time to time, and among them the representative one was "transfer of Kamiishihara", "handed over by Yano", "transfer of Kan" and "passing of Nakanojima". In these Showa 10 years, the present Tama Kawahara Bridge was completed, and in 1967 the Keio King Railway Sagamihara line opened and it disappeared in order. This place is the place where there was "the transfer of Kan" which was the last transfer. That "transfer of Kan" was also abolished in 1948. Rapping in the Tamagawa River The raft of the Tamagawa River was mainly performed after the middle of the Edo era, and it was said that it was said that the peak period from the end of the Edo Period to the Meiji and Thirties began and wood from the Okutama mountains, such as cedar and cypress, Raft ride plowed down to the river house of Rokugo Haneda close to the estuary and from there it was carried by shipping or railing to a timber wholesaler such as main office and Shenzhen. Rajirushi was decided to be from the coast of the fall (September 23 and 3) to the eighteenth night of the following year (around the 1st and 2nd May), but Hamura&39;s entrance of Tamagawa Kamimizu We were able to pass through the weir only for the six days of the 5th, 6th, 15th, 16th, 25th, and 26th of the month. I stayed at Tachikawa where I was past the Hamura weir, and the next day I was in Fuchu or Chofu, the third day was two nights stay, and on the fourth day I reached Rokugo on the fourth day. Downstream of the present Tama Kawahara Bridge, two pines beside a levee road of about 100 meters are called "pine trees of rafts" because rafts that stay at Chofu are rafts connected. This pine is also referred to as a "pine tree boat pine". The raft lodge was located on both sides of the former Tsurukawa Highway, about 200 meters down from "Raft Pine." Two houses called Kameya · Tamagawaya were used frequently from the beginning of the year to the Taisho era. But now there is no trace of it. The clothes of the raft riding crowned to Timbunten, wrapped with a warrasser, and bound the sinata (sheath) to the waist, wearing a cup and a hinokagasa regardless of the rain or shine. The raft shedding in the Tama River declined sharply at the end of the Taisho era and disappeared with the development of land transportation such as railroads and trucks. October 1, 1992 Education Board of Chofu City

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auto-translate 多摩川___玉川___ ___ 1 ___ ___ 1 ___ ___ 1 ___ ___ 0因此,我不能搭桥而且依靠渡轮,所以在多摩河的每个地方都有一个从上游到下游的地方。自江户时代以来,这个社区转移已经持续了很长时间,作为连接调布另一边的Yano R. Kan的重要交通系统。即使在现代,移交对人们的生活至关重要,例如调布农田的其他人的农业交通,农产品运输,前东京城的施肥,其他年度活动等。这是这些。在这个街区有几次转移,但很久以前在Yanaguchi村和Suganumura的两个村都进行了转移。随着多摩河流量的变化,这个地方经常移动。转移地点的名称也时有变化,其中代表性的一个是“上原原的转移”,“矢野移交”,“菅直人的转移”和“中野岛的通过”。在这些昭和10年,现在的多摩川原大桥已经完工,并且在1967年,京王王铁路相模原线开了,它按顺序消失了。这个地方是最后转移的“转移Kan”的地方。 1948年,“菅直人的转移”也被废除了。在多摩川河拍打多摩川河的木筏主要在江户时代中期之后进行,据说据说从江户时代末期到明治三十年代的高峰时期开始,从奥多摩山脉开始的木材,如雪松和柏树,乘坐筏子到达靠近河口的Rokugo Haneda的河边,从那里通过运输或栏杆运送到主要办公室和深圳等木材批发商。 Rajirushi决定从秋天的海岸(9月23日和3日)到次年的第18个晚上(5月1日和2日左右),但是羽村的玉川入口我们只能在本月5日,6日,15日,16日,25日和26日的6天内通过堰。我住在立川,在那里我经过了羽村堰,第二天我在府中或调布,第三天住了两晚,第四天我第四天到了六乡。在现在的多摩川原大桥的下游,在大约100米的堤坝旁边的两个松树被称为“木筏松树”,因为留在调布的木筏是连接的木筏。这种松树也被称为“松树船松”。筏小屋位于前鹤川高速公路的两侧,距离“筏松”约200米。从年初到大正时代,经常使用两个名叫Kameya·Tamagawaya的房子。但现在没有它的痕迹。筏子骑的衣服加到Timbunten,用一个warrasser包裹,并将sinata(鞘)绑在腰上,戴着一个杯子和一个hinokagasa,无论风雨如何。在大正河末期,多摩河的木筏脱落急剧下降,随着铁路和卡车等陆路交通的发展而消失。 1992年10月1日调布市教育委员会

多摩川 は、昔からたびたび氾濫しては家や田畑を流出させ
ら下流にいたるまで各所に渡し場 があった。
この辺りの渡し は、対岸の矢野ロ調布 を結ぶ重要な
なものに「上石原の渡し 」「矢野口の渡し 」「菅の渡し
中野島の渡し 」があった。
これらの渡しも、昭和十年、現在の多摩川原橋 が完成し、
また昭和四十六年には京王電鉄相模原線 が開通することに
よって順次姿を消していった。この地は、最後の渡し となっ
た「菅の渡し 」のあった所である。

奥多摩 の山々から切り出したスギ・ヒノキなどの木材を
組み、筏乗り が棹さして河口に近い六郷羽田筏宿 まで川下
げし、そこからは船積みか、引筏本所深川 などの
材木問屋 へと運んだ。
取入口 がある羽村の堰 を通過できたのは、月のうち五日・
筏乗りは、羽村の堰を過ぎるど拝島立川 で泊まり、翌日
府中調布 に、三日目が二子 泊まりで、四日目に六郷に着
ことで、「筏の松 」と呼ばれている。この
松はまた別名「舟つなぎの松 」ともいう。
筏宿 は、「筏の松」から二百メートルぐ
らい下流の旧鶴川街道 の両側にあった。
亀屋玉川屋 と呼ばれた二軒で、明
筏乗りの服装は、印絆天股引きワラジ ばきで、腰にサ
イナタ(鞘鉈 )を結び付け、晴雨にかかわらず檜笠 を身に



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