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auto-translate The gate country Ninomiya and the former country our company Nominomiya shrine Kaimi only and the Imperomiya shrine are the 14th generation Nakaemi Emperor for peaceful Kumamoto attack on Kyushu Nishijima The Imperial Palace Toyoura Palace was established in this place for seven years politics In the old town where the Emperor was destroyed by the Tsukushi no Kagami, we will celebrate the Holy Spirit. Afterwards, he embarked on the emperor Shingu Emperor Shinmu Empress Empress, called the Imperial Palace, further shrine Emperor Emperor and called the Toyoi Miya Shimonoseki shrine company (Yokura ceremony company), but in the Middle Ages In the case of a fire in the middle of the fire in the middle of the fire, it became a pilgrimage and became a collective term with a palace is a synonymous with Sai, meaning to cleanse and serve the holy spirit. The current shrine was rebuilt in Showa 56 in the construction of Meiji 10 years. Since ancient times, as a god of warriors and worshipers of the morning worship reverence worshiped deeply, as a god of security, received the belief of commoners, widely popular as the Ninomiya of the country of Nagato. Example Festival December 15th Festival Festival January (adult day) Spring Great Lady Festival 15th May Festival of the Silkworm Festival March 28 (near Sunday) Fall Festival October 15th Number Festival Garden Festival August Every night from Seventh to Thirteenth (near Sunday) Sistersai Fortress Special shrine that is sailed from the 7th of December until the early morning of the 15th with a special ceremonial shrine around the precincts to prohibit the general entry, only basketball entrance Do strict labor service and serve the secret festival by the old style. Shinku company Arauma Inari Shrine Yasaka Shrine --- Shrine Ninomiya

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auto-translate 门国Ninomiya和前国家我们公司Nominomiya神社Kaimi和Imperomiya神社是第14代Nakaemi皇帝和平熊本攻击九州西岛皇宫Toyoura宫在这个地方建立了七年政治在皇帝被Tsukushi no Kagami摧毁的老城区,我们将庆祝圣灵。之后,他开始了皇帝新宫皇帝新木皇后女皇,称为皇宫,进一步靖国神社并称为Toyoi Miya Shimonoseki神社公司(Yokura仪式公司),但在中世纪如果在火中间的火中间发生火灾,它就成了一个朝圣之地,成为一个集体名词,宫殿是Sai的代名词,意思是清洁和服务圣灵。目前的神社在昭和56年在明治建设10年重建。自古以来,作为一个早晨崇拜崇拜的战士和崇拜者的神,作为一个安全之神深深地崇拜,接受了平民的信仰,广泛流行为长门国的二宫。示例节日12月15日节日1月(成人日)春季女士节5月15日蚕节3月28日(周日)秋季节10月15日数字节花园节8月每天晚上从第七至第十三(附近星期日)Sistersai Fortress特别神社从12月7日至15日清晨航行,周围有一个特殊的仪式神殿,禁止一般进入,只有篮球入口做严格的劳务,用旧式服务秘密节日。 Shinku公司Arauma Inari神社八坂神社--- Shinin Ninomiya

忌宮神社 由緒
 忌宮神社は、第十四代仲哀天皇 が九州の熊襲を平定のため御西下
紫の香椎で崩御せられたのち御神霊を鎮祭す。その後聖武天皇 の御
豊明宮と称す三殿別立の古社(延喜式内社 )であったが、中世における火災

例大祭 十二月十五日  奉射祭 一月(成人の日)
春季大祭 五月十五日  蚕種祭 三月二十八日
秋季大祭 十月十五日  数方庭祭 八月七日より十三日まで毎夜


荒熊稲荷神社 八坂神社

神社 二宮


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