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auto-translate The nation designated scenic spot Mr. Kurusejima garden (Designated day January 24, Heisei 24) The former Kurusejima garden is the "lords goddess garden" which is in contact with the Goten using the slope and hem of Suehiroyama and the " It is composed of three parts, "Su Feng Tower Garden" built around Sugiro tower built at the southern end, "Shimizu Gate Gate Garden" which gardened part of the moat of Shimizu Omen in Suehiro Shanxi side. Three gardens are arranged to utilize the height difference, the topography and the view of Miraiyama as much as possible and are thought to be a migratory garden organically and effectively connected by the garden road. ● Lord Maestro Garden A garden created for viewing from the Goten. Mega stone is used balancedly around Yasease to finish in a powerful garden. ● Sugiro Tower Garden A garden combining the stone pavement of Katsuyama and the scenery behind it (borrowed landscape). A castle town behind the garden, a close-up view of Mesa &39;s mountain range You can see the distant view of the mountain range of Mt. ● Shimizu Omiedon Gate of the front garden moat is made into a garden, effectively arranging the stone pavement in the limited space where the straight line of the moat fuses with the image of the garden. We also consider viewing not only from the side but also from the upper (Ochaya).

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auto-translate 国家指定景点Kurusejima花园先生(指定日1月24日,平成24)前Kurusejima花园是使用Suehiroyama的斜坡和下摆与Goten接触的“领主女神花园”和“它由三个部分组成:“苏峰塔花园”,建在南端的杉山塔周围,“清水门门花园”,在山西西海边的清水阿门护城河的一部分。三个花园被安排尽可能地利用高度差,地形和青山的景色,被认为是一个有机和有效地连接在花园道路上的迁徙花园。 ●Lord Maestro Garden为了观赏Goten而设计的花园。在Yasease周围平衡使用巨型石头,在一个强大的花园中完成。 ●Sugiro Tower Garden一个花园,结合胜山的石头路面和它背后的风景(借来的景观)。花园后面的城堡小镇,可以看到梅萨山脉的近景。您可以看到远处山脉的山脉景色。 ●前面花园护城河的Shimizu Omiedon门被制成花园,在护城河的直线与花园的形象融合的有限的空间有效地安排石头路面。我们还考虑不仅从侧面观察,还从上层观察(Ochaya)。

国指定名勝 旧久留島氏庭園
(指定日 平成二十四年一月二十四日)

久留島 氏庭園は、末廣山 の斜面と裾部を利用した御殿 に接する「藩主御殿庭園 」と
末廣山の南端に建てられた栖鳳楼の周囲につくられた「栖鳳楼庭園 」、末廣山西側の清水御
門前の堀の一部を庭園化した「清水御門前庭 」の三つから構成されています。三つの庭園
効果的につながれた回遊式庭園 と考えられます。


枯山水石組 とその背後にある景色(借景 )が組み合わさった庭園。
庭園の背後に城下町メサ の山並の近景 万年山九重連山 の山並の遠景が一望できる。



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