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auto-translate Leshan Horyuji Temple (Baekje Inukuji) foundation: Seventh century opening foundation: Norimichi Sennin Honjyoto: Senchi Kannon Bosatsu Harima West County Thirty-three Kagawa No. 15 Buddhist sects: Origin of Mt. Koyasan Shingon Bosai (Binzhou Inugami Temple) Kamakura period, Kyoto · Buddhism historical record written by Tora-ku teacher who was a scholar of Nanzenji, "The former tomyo" (Yuan Hyeong-bong · 1322), the 28th volume "temple image", the awning of Banshu Kogyuji It is written. Long ago, calling Soga Inchka Army and losing the Tamiya Uemiya clan (643). There is a person named Sheikh in Bansu. Called to join that army. She has a wife. Meanwhile, I came in secretly with a servant (my servant). Eventually, the battle is over and the lion returns home from the capital. Well, the servant who fears that the thing will be overlooked will say, "There is a place where deer and wild boar gather in a nearby mountain, I will go hunting with Hope Kuba-dono" invites him to hunt her husband skillfully . Her husband likes hunting, bringing up daily life, bringing two dogs, pleasure bravely, divide the mountain deeply with the guidance of a servant. Suddenly, Saying arrows to Shimousu Bow says, "There are no beasts in this mountain, I deceived you and invited you to invite my life to be prepared for it." Her husband decided to prepare himself so far, Hirao attracted two dogs and shared his lunch together "While listening well, now I&39;m deceived by the servant and vanely deprived of my life in this mountain. People of the nation come and see my corpse is a great disgrace, so two dogs, please eat my cords. " As soon as the story finishes, the two dogs steeply attacked the servants, one caught the bowstrings of the servants and one more bites the candidate and beat down the servants. Thus, when I hurried back to my husband, I told my relatives and said, "I can accomplish my life with these two dogs. From now on I will make these two dogs my child and become my child. Our goods, everyone , I have this two dogs ". While drinking, die two dogs before murder. Mourning, mourning and death of two dogs&39; death, building a cathedral, praying for the souls by serving the statue of Senju massacres. It is new on the inspirational day of this Senju Kansei Bodhisattva statue. Three wild fires approaching the cathedral Three times, but there is never going to be a disaster catastrophe. At the beginning of the Heian era, this time it reached the heirs of the Emperor Kanmu (782 - 805), declared as "the jurisdiction" in imperial faith, about the number of rice fields (around the width of a hundred ridges) will be paid off. (Outline of the former Tongyeong Temple&39;s Temple Image) Mine Minister (1348) Harima Harima (1762) Inuji Temple Aimaki (1673 Osaka Municipal Museum of Art Collections) etc also have a theory on the Dog Temple, but there are various opinions. About two of them, as a black dog white dog, it is reported to the temple. "Former Tongyeong manuscript manuscript dog temple part" "Kogera temple aimed embroidery part" "Kogera temple aroma print the first year of Tenmyo" Kamikawa town board of education Heisei 23 (2011) March - - temple sanctuary

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auto-translate 乐山法隆寺(百济Inukuji)基金会:七世纪开放基金会:Norimichi Sennin Honjyoto:Senchi Kannon Bosatsu Harima West County三十三香川15号佛教教派:高野山真言山(滨州因神见寺)镰仓时代的起源,京都·作为南禅寺学者的Tora-ku老师写的佛教历史记录,“前tomyo”(Yuan Hyeong-bong·1322),第28卷“寺庙形象”,Banshu Kogyuji的遮阳篷它是写的。很久以前,召唤Soga Inchka军队并失去Tamiya Uemiya部落(643)。在Bansu有一个名叫Sheikh的人。被称为加入那支军队。她有一个妻子。与此同时,我偷偷带着一个仆人(我的仆人)进来。最终,战斗结束了,狮子从首都返回家园。好吧,担心这件事会被忽视的仆人会说:“有一个地方,鹿和野猪聚集在附近的山上,我会和Hope Kuba-dono一起去打猎”邀请他巧妙地追捕她的丈夫。她的丈夫喜欢狩猎,养育日常生活,带着两只狗,勇敢地享受快乐,在仆人的指导下深深地分开山。突然,向Shimousu Bow说箭,说:“这座山上没有野兽,我欺骗了你,邀请你为我的生活做好准备。”到目前为止,她的丈夫决定做好准备,平尾吸引了两只狗并一起共进午餐。“一边听好,现在我被仆人欺骗了,在这座山上被剥夺了我的生命。全国人民来看我的尸体是一个很大的耻辱,所以两只狗,请吃我的绳子。“故事结束后,两只狗狠狠地袭击了仆人,一只抓住了仆人的弓弦,另一只叮咬了候选人并击败了仆人。因此,当我匆匆回到我的丈夫身边时,我告诉我的亲戚说:“我可以用这两只狗来完成我的生活。从现在开始,我会把这两只狗变成我的孩子,成为我的孩子。我们的货物,每个人,我有这两只狗“。在喝酒之前,在谋杀前死了两只狗。两只狗死亡的哀悼,哀悼和死亡,建造一座大教堂,通过服务千住大屠杀雕像为灵魂祈祷。这是Senju Kansei Bodhisattva雕像的灵感来源。三次大火逼近大教堂三次,但永远不会有灾难性灾难。在平安时代初期,这次它到达了皇帝信仰的“管辖权”Kanmu(782 - 805)的继承人,关于稻田的数量(在一百个山脊的宽度附近)将得到回报。 (前统营寺庙图像概要)矿山部长(1348年)Harima Harima(1762年)Inuji Temple Aimaki(1673年大阪市立美术馆馆藏)等也有关于狗庙的理论,但有各种各样的意见。其中约有两只,作为一只黑色的狗白狗,它被报告给了太阳穴。 “前统营手稿原稿狗庙部分”“Kogera寺庙瞄准刺绣部分”“天神寺庙香气印刷天子的第一年”上川市教育委员会Heisei 23(2011)3月 - - 寺庙保护区

金楽山 法楽寺 (播州犬寺)

当山の由来 (播州犬寺縁起)
 さりながら、二犬 枚夫より先に死す。枚夫、二犬の死を悼み悲しみ、伽藍を建立、千手大悲の尊像を奉安して冥福を祈る。この千手観世音菩薩像の霊感
 このことが、平安時代の初め、桓武天皇 (782~805)の御聞に達し、勅して「官寺」となし、田数頃(頃は百畝の広さ)を喜捨したまう。
(元亨釈書 寺像誌 概略)
 峰相記(1348) 播磨鑑(1762) 犬寺縁起絵巻(1673 大阪市立美術館藏)等にも、犬寺縁起が記されているが諸説あり。そのうち二犬については、

「元亨釈書 写本 犬寺部分」
「犬寺縁起絵巻 部分」
「犬寺縁起版画 天明元年」
神河町教育委員会  平成23(2011)年3月



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