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auto-translate Leshan Hakurei Temple Location: Kanagasawa gun Nakamura 1048 Number of prefectures Designated date: March 9, 2007 Town selection date: February 24, 2005 The aura of Hakuurakuji is the magazine of the Muromachi period " "And the Buddhism book" Former Hyangoku "in the Kamakura period marked as" Inuji "and go back to the Nara period. In the Middle Ages it was located at the harbor of Harima · Tajima&39;s traffic, so it became a base for military affairs. In the early modern era, from the first generation Himeji lord lord Ikeda Terumasa 30 black stones in Nakamura and 30 red stones from Tokugawa Iemitsu were given, and this temple was informed until the end of the Tokugawa period. In Horyuji Temple there are many remnants, and the bell tower bridging the bell tower is also the oldest in Kanzaki gun, casted in Keiko ninen year (1604) with Kamikawa town designated cultural property (arts and crafts). Main Hall "Hyogo Prefecture Designated Cultural Heritage Building" Front Five Inter-Facing Five Inter-Treasure Shrines Rear Elegant Bottom Extension Attached Temporary Copper Board of Life Koho 1 year (1729) Building Hall Kasuga-sha "Hyogo Prefecture Designated Cultural Heritage Building Three-time company Sumaki Kasuga Co., Ltd. Persimmon roof 17th century mid-term revealed Kamiyado "Kamikawacho Designated Cultural Property Building" Front three sides Interior trilogy Bridal bridge tile roof 17th century late building Bell tower "Kamikawacho Designated Cultural Property Building" Interstitial 1 Hakama waisted cloakroom bridge building tile roof Built in the early 18 th century Yamamon "Kamikawacho Designated Cultural Property Buildings" Crossroads Three Gauge Between Two Years 3 Years Street Famous Inmouth Yacht Building Tile Roof 18 th Century Middle Temporary Entry Store "Kamikawa Town Designated Cultural Heritage Building "Girder 24.3 m Interbeam 12.6 m Inbone shop Thai roof (Iron plate covered) Shimano Shimoya with barbecue roof tile roofing Government 2nd year (1819) Erection Board Tagakawa Town Board of Education --- Temple

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auto-translate 乐山Hakurei Temple位置:Kanagasawa gun Nakamura 1048都道府县指定日期:2007年3月9日城镇选择日期:2005年2月24日Hakuurakuji的光环是室町时代的杂志“ “在镰仓时代的佛教书”前Hyangoku“标记为”Inuji“,并回到奈良时代。在中世纪它位于Harima·Tajima的交通港口,因此它成为军事基地。在早期的现代时期,从第一代姬路领主Ikeda Terumasa中村的30块黑石和德川家光的30块红色石头被给予,这座寺庙被告知,直到德川时代结束。在法隆寺,有许多遗迹,钟楼的钟楼也是最早的神崎枪,在九年镇(1604年)与上川镇指定的文化财产(工艺品)铸造。大厅“兵库县指定文化遗产大楼”前五面对面五个宝藏后面优雅底部附加临时铜板生活Koho 1年(1729年)建筑大厅春日市“兵库县指定文化遗产大楼三次公司Sumaki Kasuga有限公司柿子屋顶17世纪中期透露Kamiyado“Kamikawacho指定文化财产大楼”前三面室内三部曲新娘桥瓦屋顶17世纪后期建筑钟楼“上川町指定文化财产大楼” Interstitial 1 Hakama腰部衣帽间桥建筑瓦屋顶建于18世纪初Yamamon“Kamikawacho指定文化财产建筑”十字路口两年三年之间街道着名的Inmouth游艇建筑瓦屋顶18世纪中间临时入口商店“上川町指定文化遗产建筑“大梁24.3米Interbeam 12.6米Inbone shop泰国屋顶(铁板覆盖)Shimano Shimoya带烧烤屋顶瓦屋顶政府第2年(1819年)安装委员会Tagakawa Town教育委员会---寺庙

金楽山 法楽寺
法楽寺の縁起は室町時代の地誌「峰相記」や鎌倉時代の仏教書「元亨釈書」に「犬寺」と記され、奈良時代 にまで遡ります。
中世には播磨・但馬の交通の要衝に位置したため、軍事の拠点ともなりました。近世には初代姫路藩主池田輝政 から中村のうちで黒印30石、徳川家光 から朱印30石を
法楽寺には多くの遺構があるとともに、鐘楼に架かっている梵鐘も神河町指定文化財 (美術工芸)で慶長九年(1604)に鋳造され神崎郡内で最古のものです。

正面五間 側面五間 宝形造 背面軒下張出付
向拝一間 銅板葺 享保14年(1729)建立 棟札

三間社隅木春日社 柿葺 17世紀中期建立

正面三間 側面三間 宝形造 桟瓦葺 17世紀後期建立

桁行一間 梁間一間 袴腰付
入母屋造 桟瓦葺 18世紀前期建立

桁行三間 梁間二間 三間一戸 楼門
入母屋造 桟瓦葺 18世紀中期建立

桁行24.3m 梁間12.6m 入母屋造 茅葺(鉄板覆)
四方下屋庇付 桟瓦葺 文政2年(1819)建立 棟札



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