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auto-translate Tatsumiya Izumo Imperial Palace Festival Buddha Buddha&39;s soul Ogami Towards Ozaki Konba Susa Yoshinobu Osami Osamu Nakajima Sumiyoshi Ogami Towards the Left Kasuga Osamu Okami Gakuza Geki, God of the Five Grains "Buddha&39;s Soul Ogin (It is the Festival of Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine) The fifty-six teacher Emperor Seiwa Fudan Eleventh Year (866) It has been a long time since drought, the river flow did not pass through, all the plants changed color, the common people exhausted drastically "Senju Susa Ogami" who is suffering from pestilence, and is welcomed by the capital as the guardian warrior of the King&39;s Castle (always the festival of the Gion Yashaka Shrine) Blessed with the transcendence of the mikoshi Briefly he was brought to the palace for a while Speak to the gods Ogami, encourage the shrine and pray heavily for rain. In other words, it shows the odd edge in the standing, arrives as a rude cowardly, and suddenly springs from Cheongdam soil. People are thirsty, getting irrigated without Tabata Kubaki. "Izumi Shrine Spring Bridge" next to the shrine is said to be a remembrance of the time, crying out the spirit of rain pouring, and rejoicing the wonder of the incurable disease curing water and perspective. Izumi regretly in the Showa 30&39;s, by looking around the eternal life for over a thousand years, depleted, only to leave the remains to the remains, Meiji 22 (189) Beer brewery factory Location, Izumi Shrine is sent to Munich, Germany, guaranteeing that it is adequate for beer brewing, and an anecdote that leads to the construction of a first brewery factory in the Orient on the adjacent site of the Imperial Palace with the spring water and the rich spring water of the same water system As seen in "Asahi Beer 100 Years History" on page 118, the Imperial Palace is a group of companies supported by common people&39;s beliefs, not to the public corporation listed in Yoki ceremony etc. Since the establishment, under the belief of Mrs. Fujiwara, we serve Fujiwara surname, Namiya Miyawaki Famous secretary for generations, Tenpo eight (183) Yoshinori Oosa Heihachiro, the ruler of the Imperial Palace No. 32 Kiyoshi Toshimi, Miyawaki Shima Mamoru Hitoshiro Ooseri is my uncle, I am angry at this place in the surroundings of the temple shrine catcher as master of the turbulence. With all sentences punished, all of the boys became Takashima and family guards, and it seemed that the company was also inclined, but along with the Meiji Restoration, all the survivors who survived in the exiled site were admitted and the forgiveness was exiled, the family members were revived, Miyawaki Shizugumi Inherited the thirteenth son Shoji, I revived as a company again. This background is detailed on page 145 of "History of the local custom Suita" edited by Suita City History Compilation Room. At the festival on May 3, in the festival, we will start majestically luxurious shrine festival mezzanine festival to the Imperial Palace Festival which is the founder of the treasure tree "Great Tree" of the footprint of Suita Famoused Ran along the Kanzaki River. Summer festival, water festival celebration anniversary festival, Dachi Eli Ebisu Festival etc. It is crowded with numerous worshiper who performed grandly with the veneration. Main ceremonies · January 1 day Sun festival · New Year vacation praying festival January 10th Festival 9th Evening Eleventh Day afternoon Fukumori Kichiro awarded, lucky draw Priestess 15th January 15th old pantyhose / Payment · Adult Festival February Setsubun New Year Festival Great God Festival God Sasa Award Kamene Fukutake Attached · Fukuoka · Mukku Maki Representatives of the Local People in the City Participate in the City Evening Protection Mamoru Maki Shinto Shinto Shrine April 3 Prayer Festival (Inari Festival) May 3 Day festival (Spring Great Festival) Shinto shrine Godsuki · Shinko · Kamatai drums Kagura lions · Children&39;s service line June 30 th Summer exchanges · Early morning masaki burnt-in shrine August 3 th water festival (Summer Big Festival) Children shrine Mikoshi · terrain carpark / dedication ceremony October 3rd Shinku Festival (Fall Festival) 2nd Sun Palace Festival November 15th Shichigosan Festival · Great Chrysanthemum Exhibition (precondition) Exhibition New Year&39;s Eve --- Shinto shrine

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auto-translate Tatsumiya出云故宫节日佛陀的灵魂Ogami朝向Ozaki Konba Susa Yoshinobu Osami Osamu Nakajima Sumiyoshi Ogami向左Kasuga Osamu Okami Gakuza Geki,五谷之神“佛陀的灵魂Ogin (这是伏见 - 稻荷大社的节日)五十六岁的皇帝西瓦复旦十一年(866)干旱已经很久了,河水没有经过,所有的植物都变色了,平民百姓急剧疲惫患有瘟疫的“Senju Susa Ogami”受到首都的欢迎,作为国王城堡的守护战士(永远是祗园Yashaka神社的节日)有幸超越了mikoshi简要地他被带到了宫殿一段时间与众神Ogami说话,鼓励神社并为雨祈祷。换句话说,它显示了站立的奇怪边缘,作为一个粗鲁的懦弱到达,并突然从清潭土壤弹出。人们口渴,没有Tabata Kubaki就灌溉了。据说靖国神社旁边的“和泉神社桥”是对时间的追忆,呐喊着倾盆大雨的精神,并为无法治愈的疾病治疗水和观点的奇迹而欢欣鼓舞。 Izumi遗憾地在昭和30年代,通过环顾一千多年的永生,耗尽,只留下遗体到遗体,明治22(189)啤酒厂啤酒厂位置, Izumi Shrine被送往德国慕尼黑,保证它足以用于啤酒酿造,以及一个轶事,导致在皇宫附近的东方建造第一家啤酒厂,泉水和同一水系统的丰富泉水如第118页的“朝日啤酒百年历史”中所见,故宫是一群由普通民众信仰支持的公司,而不是在Yoki仪式等列出的公共公司。自成立以来,在Fujiwara夫人的信仰下,我们服务藤原姓,Namiya Miyawaki世代着名秘书,Tenpo八(183)Yoshinori Oosa Heihachiro,皇宫32号的统治者Kiyoshi Toshimi,Miyawaki Shima Mamoru Hitoshiro Ooseri是我的叔叔,我在寺庙神社捕手的周围这个地方生气,作为湍流的主人。由于所有的刑罚都受到惩罚,所有的男孩都成了高岛和家庭的守卫,似乎公司也倾向于,但随着明治维新,所有在流亡遗址中幸存的幸存者都被录取,宽恕被放逐,家庭成员复活, Miyawaki Shizugumi继承了第13个儿子Shoji,我再次成为一家公司。这个背景详见“吹田城历史编辑室”编辑的“当地风俗历史”第145页。在5月3日的节日,在节日期间,我们将开始庄严的豪华神社节日夹心节到皇宫节,这是沿着神崎河的Suita Famoused Ran足迹的宝树“大树”的创始人。夏季节日,水节庆典周年庆典,大池Eli Ebisu Festival等拥挤无数崇拜者,他们表现出了崇高的敬意。主要仪式·1月1日太阳节·新年度假祈祷节1月10日节日9日晚11日下午福冈ich一郎获奖,幸运抽奖女祭司1月15日15日老连裤袜/付款·成人节2月节日新年节大神节神莎莎奖Kamene Fukutake附加·福冈·Mukku Maki市内当地人的代表参加城市夜间保护Mamoru Maki Shinto神社4月3日祈祷节(稻荷节)5月3日节日(春节大节日)神社神社·新光·蒲郡鼓神乐狮子·儿童服务线6月30日夏季交流·清晨masaki烧神社8月3日水上节日(夏季大节日)儿童神社Mikoshi·地形停车场/奉献茶道10月3日新光节(秋季节)第2届太阳宫节11月15日Shichigosan节·大菊展(区)展览新年前夜体验---神社

本殿御奉齋 宇迦之御魂大神  向って御右座
      建速須佐之男大神 御正中座
      住吉大神     向って御左座
往古、五穀の神「宇迦之御魂大神」を祀る(伏見稲荷大社 の御祭神なり)
第五十六代清和天皇 貞観十一年(八六九年)当地久しく旱魃、大河流れも通ぜず、草木悉
られ給う「建速須佐男大神」(祇園八阪神社 の御祭神なり)御神輿ご遷幸の御砌り暫し
醸造工場建設に至れる逸話は「アサヒビール 100年史」118頁に見ゆ、当宮は庶民
(一八三七年)大塩平八郎 義兵の挙あり、当宮第三十二代宮司、宮脇志摩守大塩平八郎の
節分厄除大祭、だんぢり恵比寿祭等 其々由緒を以って盛大に執り行われ数多くの参拝者
一月一日  歳旦祭・新春厄除祈願祭  
一月十日  戎祭 九日宵戎 十一日残り福戎
一月十五日 古神符・〆飾焼納・成人祭
二月節分日 節分厄除大祭・開運神笹授与
      夕刻 厄除守護真木焼納神事
四月三日  祈年祭(稲荷祭)
五月三日  例大祭(春大祭)
六月三十日 夏越祓・夕刻厄除真木焼納神事
八月三日  お水まつり(夏大祭)二日宵宮祭
十月三日  新嘗祭(秋大祭)二日宵宮祭
十一月十五日 七五三祝祭・大菊花展(境内)
大晦日   大祓



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