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auto-translate Sand shrine abbreviation god of pray Shrine god Shinjuku Takamatsu Kimi no Okinawa Inada Himei Captain Festival May 21st Gion Festival From Seventh to Seventh day of July Festival October 10th, October 11th Shogun Empress Conquest the Great When the enemy is flattened by the self-protection of the priesthood and the enemy is pressed by the squirrels of the Kanoko during the triumphant regret, "This is a good place to look around the West country widely and is suitable for protecting Kinai, I will not stay in this place Were you guarded Otsumi Takashi yourself by Takasago Shrine Founder of Takasago Shrine, Tenno in Yunehara Emperor later Temporary domestic epidemic epidemic epidemic epidemic epidemic of the population People&39;s death Calculation None God reaping Syunaku Takamori, Chi Inada When we donated Princess, we got rid of the epidemic petty breath, breathed rapidly, and graduated to the domestic university. It was actually the September 11th year of Genjiro 3 years. It became customary as a Takasago cowpea Tenno or Gion company as a custom. From the ancient times admirers of Asahigi, Koji and warlords, etc. Although it entered the thick early modern period, Toyotomi Hideyosh prayed for victory at the time of the Korean soldier and Himeji Castle Ikeda Terumasa Kyoto Shoshyoyo Itakura Katsuyuki got the company and to face Honda Tadaharu Himeji Castle Revered, especially deeply Yanaga 2 years headquarters, remodeling the end company, built a gate, dedicated company and planted three generations of pine pine. In the seventh year of Liberal Democratic Propaganda, we proclaimed the statue of the captain &39;s statue to the banning place and gave birth to gifts. Looking up to the conduct of His Imperial Highness in April of the year of the Meiji 42nd, he received the naming of "Five Echo Atsushi" visited by His High Priest Prince Chichibu in October 1961. Three generations of Atsushi pine tree, which was planted by Tadatoshi Honda, regrettable against the death of Aoshen pine which is famous for its war songs from the early generation, was a natural treasure designated as a natural monument but it died in 1943 Five seasons Atsushi Chichibu &39;s Princess Fukushima&39; s Lady of Lady Aiko pine is green and color is finally prospering and prospering. There is a lieutenant shrine beside a pine tree, while purifying the shade of the pine tree we are enshrining our god spirit in this tree and enshrining the two gods of the captain who was said to protect the way of a couple for a long time. People in forehead came to Oshima, prayed for Waseda longevity, and wedding ceremonies are raised, and more people are joining the aged contract. My younger sister and me too I am a Takasago pine tree grinding Chitose Kaeda Ichika Ichika Takagi Takasago Takasago City Tourism Association of Takasago Takasago City if I look at two trees as two trees if I look at two trees as one tree - - Shinto shrine Emperor Young

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auto-translate 祈祷靖国神社的神龛神神新宿高松Kimi no Okinawa Inada Himei Captain Festival 5月21日祗园节从7月的第7日到第7日10月10日10月10日幕府将军皇后征服大帝当敌人被神职人员的自我保护夷为平地,并且在胜利的遗憾中被Kanoko的松鼠压迫敌人时,“这是一个广泛环顾西方国家并且适合保护Kinai的好地方,我不会留在这个地方在高原神社的高砂神社创始人,在Yunehara皇帝Tenno的Tenasago Shrine创始人守护Otsumi Takashi人口的死亡计算没有上帝收获Syunaku Takamori,Chi Inada的临时国内流行病流行病流行疫情流行病当我们捐赠公主时,我们摆脱了流行的小口气,迅速呼吸,并毕业于国内大学。实际上是Genjiro 3年的9月11日。作为习俗,它成为高砂豇豆天王或祗园公司的习惯。来自远古时代的朝日,弘治和军阀等的崇拜者虽然它进入了厚厚的早期现代时期,丰臣秀吉在朝鲜士兵和姬路城堡的时候祈求胜利Ikeda Terumasa京都Shoshyoyo Itakura Katsuyuki得到了公司并面对本田忠孝姬路城堡崇敬,尤其是Yanaga 2年的总部,重塑了公司的终端,建了一个门,专门的公司,并种下了三代松树。在自由民主宣传的第七年,我们宣布了船长雕像的雕像到禁止的地方,并生下了礼物。在明治四十四年四月的殿下,他看到了殿下的行为,于1961年10月接受了他的大祭司秩父王子访问的“五回淳”的命名。由Tadatoshi Honda种植的三代Atsushi松树,对于以其早期战争歌曲而闻名的Aoshen松树的死亡感到遗憾,是被指定为天然纪念物的天然宝藏,但它于1943年去世五季Atsushi Chichibu的福岛公主夫人Aiko松女士的绿色和颜色终于繁荣和繁荣。在一棵松树旁边有一座中尉神殿,在净化松树的阴影的同时,我们将神灵奉献在这棵树上,并赐予船长的两位众神,据说他们长期以来一直保护着夫妻的路。额头的人来到大岛,为早稻田的长寿祈祷,举行婚礼仪式,更多的人加入了老年人的合同。我的妹妹和我也是一个高砂松树,如果我把两棵树看作一棵树的话,如果把两棵树看成两棵树的话,千里高田市的千禧公一高木市高山市观光协会 - 神社皇帝杨

高砂神社 略記
祭神 素盞鳴尊
尉姥祭 五月二十一日
祇園祭 七月七日より十三日まで
例祭  十月十日、十一日

神功皇后 征西の際、大己貴命の冥護を得て敵を平げ凱旋の途、鹿子の水門
古来朝庭、国司、武将等の崇敬厚く近世に入りても豊臣秀吉 は朝鮮出兵
の際戦勝を祈願し姫路城主池田輝政 京都所司代板倉勝重 は社領を寄せ
本多忠政 姫路城に臨むに及びては崇敬殊に深く寛永二年本社、末社を改造
枯死を惜んで本多忠政 が継植した三代相生松は天然記念物 に指定され
  松に千歳を猶だ契らむ    宣長
  見れば一木を雌雄のこの松  隆正


神社 円融天皇


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