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auto-translate As for the origin of Jizo Jizo Hidemitsuji Jizo Takashi, it is reported that there was a person called Matsuyama Kannon Chonzenji in Ishinomaki at the time of an archetypal (1670 &39;s) A battle occurred with Sasasami Shinmatae gate, and a substitute officer exiled to the Onagashima of Onagawa Island with power with power. The Buddha lamented the innocent punishment and was sore in Enoshima while strolling through Sasamachi. Meanwhile, Sasasamachi suffered from the ghost of the Buddhist statute, gone insanely and killed his family and the family broke off. At that time, the wife of Samuta from Uematsu who was working as a maid in Sasa Machiya forfered a condolence to the Sasa Machiya for the Lord of the Righteousness and Sasa Machiya for September (1704) to recommend Jizo Temple This date is Jizo Takashi. From this point onwards, those who sacrifice this wish and sacrifice their wishes have come to say that it is Jizo of daily nothing because of that wish that has come true, and now many people visit there. Celebration January 3rd New Year &39;s Blessing February 3rd Setsubun Star Festival 3rd Sunday of May May there is a group visit outside from the festival occasionally.

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auto-translate 至于Jizo Jizo Tadashi Kimono Jizo Takashi的起源,据报道,Ishinomaki Makiyama Kannon Changzen Temple中有一个人在他的宝藏时期(1670年代)拥有超凡的权力法则与Sasasami Shinmatae门发生了一场战斗,一名替补军官以强大的权力流亡到Onagawa岛的Onagashima。佛陀在无声的惩罚中感叹,并且在江佐岛漫步时在江之岛感到疼痛。与此同时,Sasasamachi遭受了佛教法规的幽灵,疯狂地杀害了他的家人,家人中断了。当时,在Sasa Machiya担任女仆的Uematsu的Samuta的妻子对于正义之王和Sasa Machiya House(1704年)的Sasa Machiya表示哀悼,推荐Jizo Temple这个日期是Jizo Takashi。从这一点开始,那些牺牲了这个愿望并牺牲自己愿望的人们已经开始说,由于那个已经实现的愿望,现在很多人都在那里访问,这是日常生活中的Jizo。庆祝活动1月3日新年祝福2月3日星月星节5月5日的第3个星期日偶尔会有一个团体参观。

 日切地蔵尊の由来については伝えられるところによれば、延宝の頃(1670年代)石巻の牧山観音長禅寺 に法力非凡の栄存法印 という方がおり、その地の代官笹町新左エ門 との間で争いが起り、代官は権力をもつて栄存法印を女川の江の島へ流刑に処した。法印は無実の罰を嘆き怒り、笹町をうらみつつ江の島で没した。一方笹町は栄存法印の亡霊に悩まされ、発狂し家族を切り殺し一家は断絶した。
祭典 1月3日 新年祝祷 2月3日 節分星祭
5月第3日曜日 縁日大祭


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