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auto-translate Eighty years since the end of the wind snow, a construction plan for cable cars occurred at the east foot of this Luo Hen Hiei in Taisho Eighty Years, eighty years ago. Following various transitions, Hiei Mountain Railway Co., Ltd. was founded in November 2003, construction work began on November 3rd, 14th. It was a difficult situation to lay tracks while setting two stages and seven bridges in the mountains with an altitude difference of over 48 meters. At that time, bovine horse and input were central and there was something that the hardship of people exceeded imagination. There is a machine room at the Yamagami station on the cable car and we use a wire rope to raise the vehicle that you will ride. For this reason, we needed to send electricity from the foot and many iron columns were set up along the railroad tracks. Since its establishment on March 15, Showa era, steel columns have been sending electricity while withstanding wind and snow. However, as aging has progressed over the years and weather conditions, it has become more susceptible to natural disasters. For this reason, we proceeded with the removal of steel columns from Heisei 16 and completed successfully at the end of April this year. The steel column which had fifty-six plants due to this incident disappeared, and only the rail became the one to convey the figure at the time of construction. This year marks the eight decades since the start of business, one of history disappeared strangely in that year. For this reason, I kept permanently preserved the upper half of the second column "No. pillar" from Sakamoto station at the foot as a monument. The steel pillar that has kept watching the flow of the times and many passengers warmly welcomes you while praying for the history of history at the entrance of Sakamoto station and praying for safety in the road. Heisei 19th Hiezan Railway Co., Ltd. --- Hiei Cable Car Hieiyama Railway Co., Ltd.

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auto-translate 风雪结束八十年后,八十年前在大正八十年的罗鹤轩东麓发生了缆车建设计划。经过各种转型,Hiei Mountain铁路有限公司成立于2003年11月,建设工作于11月3日,14日开始。在高山差距超过48米的山区设置两个阶段和七个桥梁时,铺设轨道是一个困难的情况。那时候,牛马和投入是核心,有些东西让人们的困难超乎想象。缆车上的Yamagami车站有一个机房,我们用钢丝绳抬起你将要乘坐的车辆。出于这个原因,我们需要从脚发电,沿着铁轨设置了许多铁柱。自昭和3月15日成立以来,钢柱在抵御风雪的同时一直在发电。然而,随着年龄和天气条件的老龄化,它变得更容易受到自然灾害的影响。因此,我们继续从平成16号拆除钢柱,并于今年4月底成功完成。由于这次事故,有56个工厂的钢柱消失了,只有钢轨成为在施工时传送图形的钢轨。今年是商业开始以来的八十年,其中一个历史在那一年奇怪地消失了。因此,我作为纪念碑永久地保留了作为纪念碑的坂本站的第二列“号柱”的上半部分。在坂本车站入口处祈祷历史,祈求道路安全的同时,一直关注着时代潮流的钢柱和许多乘客热烈欢迎您。平成19 Hiezan铁路有限公司--- Hiei Cable Car Hieiyama铁路有限公司





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