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auto-translate Tadashi Hanode Tomihito Fudo House Wooden Shimada Himenobi Neme Nishitokyo City Designated Cultural Heritage No. 9 Ansei 6 (1859) Production The Temple of Kanji Temple in Taichung Temple is stored in Tominari A village name owner Shimoda Hanbei It is recorded that it was produced at the time of 58 years old during the survival of Fuji in the age of sixteen years (1859) Fumiya (Shimoda Hanbeyama Mimi) I will. Hanbō Futuko served as Tanashi Village Later in the late Edo period, and retained various achievements. "We are committed to the savings of the coffin, and as a guide to the hawk of the Owari clan, thank you for diligence, you receive a reward, you are permitted to last name, the grandson&39;s captain&39;s authority (Tanashi Shrine) reconstruction of the main shrine and hall of worship I helped the old man with the elderly field, "he added. I am writing on the back side of the door of the Zushi where this wooden statue is being paid. Especially the elderly field is seen as a prestigious welfare administration of the modern era, which is a good rule of rare national owner at that time. Let&39;s cherish the multicultural property of Nishitokyo-shi school board of education July 1954 (Kanto 36th immovable Tanashi immovable)

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auto-translate Tadashi Hanode Tomihito Fudo House木岛岛Himenobi Neme Nishitokyo市指定文化遗产No。9 Ansei 6(1859)制作台中寺的汉字寺庙存放在Tominari村名Shimoda Hanbei据记载,在富士十六年(1859年)Fumiya(Shimoda Hanbeyama Mimi)的生存期间,在58岁时制作了我会的。 HanbōFutuko在江户时代后期担任Tanashi Village后来,并保留了各种成就。 “我们致力于棺材的储蓄,并作为Owari氏族鹰的指导,感谢你的勤奋,你得到奖励,你被允许姓氏,孙子的船长的权威(Tanashi Shrine)重建主要的神殿和礼拜堂我帮助了那位老人的老人,“他补充道。”我正在写着这座木制雕像正在支付的祖师门的背面。特别是老人场被视为现代着名的福利管理机构,这是当时罕见的国家主人的良好统治。让我们珍惜西铁工学校教育委员会1954年7月的多元文化财产(关东36号不动产Tanashi不动产)

下田半兵衛富宅の木像 しもだ はんべえ とみいえ

 総持寺 境内妙見堂 に保管されているこの木像は、田無名主
下田半兵衛富宅 (しもだ はんべえ とみいえ)の像で、安政 六年(一八五九)富宅の生存中五
 半兵衛富宅は江戸時代 後期、田無村名主を勤め、さまざまな
功績を残しました。「備荒貯蓄 に尽力し、尾張藩 のお鷹場 案内
役となり、御用勤勉により、ご褒美をいただき、苗字 を許され、
じょうど の ごんげん
尉殿権現 (現田無神社 )本殿並びに拝殿を再建し、養老畑 を以
って老人を助けた」と、この木像 の納められている厨子の扉の
 なかでも養老畑は、当時には珍しい名主の善政 で、現代の福


( 関東三十六不動 田無不動尊 )


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