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auto-translate Fountain trace (Kanebatsu baao) "Kinpu" is a relay facility established in the middle of transporting gold and silver mined at Sado Island to Edo during the Edo period. According to the records, the gold fountain of the Muri inn was a squared place set up at the Kodama border in front of the inn. According to the map in the early Meiji era, the south faced the Hokuriku Highway and the north was Shibano in the back to the Torii river behind it, but it is now only a small upland field left behind due to the erosion of Torii River . It seems that the gold and silver luggage that revealed overnight at the Kinzo (Ginza) on the shore of Lake Nojiri was replaced by a new horseshoe at the mushroom gold hall in the morning, and it was customary to send to Zenkoji Inn by noon. Regarding the transportation amount of gold and silver, we transported horses six times a year three times a year in the early Edo period when there was a large amount of output, and provided horse and human foot, repair and maintenance of road, gold The labor service such as security of the fence was carried by the neighborhood villages including Muri inn. Kodama Kodou-kai --- Hokkoku Highway Sado Kimoneda

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auto-translate 喷泉痕迹(Kanebatsu baao)“金浦”是在江户时代,在佐渡岛向江户开采的黄金和白银开采的中转设施。根据记录,穆里旅馆的喷泉是在旅店前面的Kodama边界处建立的一个平方米的地方。根据明治初期的地图,南面临北陆高速公路,北面是背后的鸟居溪,但由于鸟居河的侵蚀,现在只剩下一小片高地。 。早上在金色大厅里,在野Lake湖岸边的金((银座)露天透露的黄金和白银行李似乎被一个新的马蹄铁所取代,通常在中午前送到Zenkoji酒店。关于黄金和白银的运输量,我们在江户时代早期一年运输马匹一年三次,当时有大量的产量,并提供马和人脚,修理和维修道路,黄金栅栏的安全等的劳务被包括Muri客栈在内的附近的村庄承载。 Kodama Kodou-kai --- Hokkoku Highway Sado Kimoneda






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