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auto-translate Yabuki cho designated ethnic cultural property Yamato Tendoryo Nembutsu dance location Yamawa district owner Yamato Kai district Tendo Nembutsu Dance preservation society Tendodo Nembutsu dance is actively performed in various places praying for the sun&39;s warm grace and good harvest In particular, the inside of the Shirakawa clan seems to have been many due to the encouragement of the lord. However, it drastically decreased after the Pacific War. "Seki Nemoto Buddha Dance in Yamato" was restored for the first time in 20 years in September 1974, and it will be held on June 14th and June 23rd in Shimo Hiyoshi Shrine premises. The dancer is a young boy and dances in a ring with drums and whistle accompaniment. Dance with bare hands or hand wipes three songs of "Kimiyoshiya", "Kamigata taru" and "Sayo no Nakayama" from the beginning only with the accompaniment of the accompaniment. It seems that a shrine called "shelf" was established in the center of the ring before, and in this respect it resembles that of Shirakawa city. Lyrics are similar to those of Saigo Murakami Hatta. Just within Yamato, the place where "Hanekko dance" is put between each song can be said to be a feature. Currently, Tendo Nembutsu Dance has things in Yamato, there are only three in the prefecture precious. May 1, 1982 Yabuki cho school board Yabuki cho cultural property protection council

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auto-translate 矢吹町指定的民族文化财产大和天堂神殿舞蹈地点山和地区所有者大和启区地区天童本木舞蹈保存会Tendodo Nembutsu舞蹈在各地积极进行,祈求太阳的温暖优雅和丰收特别是白川氏族的内部,由于主的鼓励,似乎很多。然而,在太平洋战争之后,它急剧下降。 “大和关上的神佛舞蹈”于1974年9月首次在20年内恢复,并将于6月14日和6月23日在Shimo日吉神社场地举行。这位舞者是一个年轻的男孩,用鼓和哨子伴奏跳舞。仅仅伴随着伴奏,用裸手或手舞蹈从一开始就擦除“Kimiyoshiya”,“Kamigata taru”和“Sayo no Nakayama”三首歌曲。看起来以前在环的中心建立了被称为“架子”的神社,在这方面与白川市相似。歌词与Saigo Murakami Hatta的歌词相似。在大和内,每首歌曲之间放置“Hanekko dance”的地方可以说是一个特色。目前,天童本州舞蹈有大和的事情,县内只有三件珍贵。 1982年5月1日矢吹町学校董事会矢吹町文化财产保护审议会

矢吹町指定民族文化財 大和内の天道念仏踊り

所在地 大和内地区
所有者 大和内地区 大和久の天童念仏踊り保存会




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