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auto-translate Former Otada Bamboo Honjin Forest House (National Designated Important Cultural Property) Former Otada Bamboo Honjin Forest House is a main building built in the Meiwa sixth year (1769) and a front gate and a sleeve fence built in the second year of Tenpo (1831) It consists of two buildings. In the Edo era Oota Inn flourished as a lodging town of Nakasendo, with Honjin and Honjin each one with high daimyo and high stays staying one each, and Hayashiya is also serving as Aside Honjin, as well as Shoya and Owari Clan Account of Ota village I have an old house where I pursued my witness. Looking at this building, Uusa builds in the wife at both ends of the main building, and it draws a lot of attention, but this symbolizes the authority of Asaka Honjin as it plays the role of a firewall. In addition, this building is the only building that leaves the remains as aside army at the time in Nakasendo, it is designated as an important cultural asset of the country in Showa 46th Even now it stands in front of Honjin I went through while talking about "Did you do it", and I saw the daimyo Daimyo at the time and the way people traveled with each other I saw in January 1981 Minokamo

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auto-translate 前Otada Bamboo Honjin Forest House(国家指定重要文化财产)前Otada Bamboo Honjin Forest House是在Meiwa第六年(1769年)建造的主楼,在Tenpo(1831年)第二年建造的正门和围栏它由两栋建筑组成。在江户时代,Oota Inn作为Nakasendo的住宿小镇而繁荣,Honjin和Honjin各有一个高大名和高住宿,并且Hayashiya也作为Aside Honjin,以及Ota村的Shoya和Owari氏族帐户我有一所老房子,在那里我追求我的见证。看着这座建筑,Uusa在主店的两端建起了妻子并引起了很多关注,但这象征着Asaka Honjin的权威,因为它履行了防火墙的角色。此外,这座建筑物是唯一一座在Nakasendo当时留下遗骸的建筑物,它被指定为昭和46号国家的重要文化财产。即使现在它站在Honjin面前我在谈论“你做了吗”的时候经历过,我看到当时的大名大名以及人们在1981年1月看到的彼此旅行的方式Minokamo

 旧太田脇本陣林家住宅は明和六年(# 1769)に建築された主屋 と天保二年(# 1831)に建築された表門袖塀 、それに裏の二棟の土蔵 から成っています。
 江戸時代に太田宿 は中山道の宿場町として栄え、大名や地位の高い人が泊まる本陣脇本陣 が各一軒あり林家は脇本陣としての役目のほか太田村の庄屋尾張藩勘定所 の御用達をつとめた旧家てあります。
 この建物を見ますと主屋の両端の妻に卯建 が建ちひときわ目をひきますがこれは防火壁の役目を果たすど同時に脇本陣の権威を象徴するものであります。


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