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auto-translate Yoshida family house (former Komatsuya) The Yoshida family operated the Ise journey for the Edo period, from the Taisho era to the pre-war years, he was engaged in the sales of cigarettes. The shop name is "Komatsuya". The main building is considered to be the late Edo period architecture. Basically it is a traditional technique of Machiya architecture, it is the building which shows the most familiar appearance in the town shop of Ota Inn today. Also, although the current roof is a tile-roofing material, the original material considered to be the main building also exists, and it is thought that the original roof was originally from those remains. In the middle of the Meiji era, the second floor part was remodeled, and the shop front was remodeled at the opening of the main tobacco sale in the Taisho era. Because the Yoshida family became a vacant house, there are few hands of remodeling for modern life in the entire house. It has been refurbished repeatedly since the Meiji period, but it is an important building to remember the modern town house.

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auto-translate 吉田家庭住宅(前小松屋)吉田家族经营江户时代的伊势之旅,从大正时代到战前年代,他从事香烟的销售。商店名称是“Komatsuya”。主楼被认为是江户时代晚期的建筑。基本上它是Machiya建筑的传统技术,它是今天在Ota Inn的城镇商店展示最熟悉的外观的建筑物。此外,虽然目前的屋顶是瓦屋顶材料,但是原始材料也被认为是主建筑物,并且认为原始屋顶最初来自那些遗骸。在明治时代的中期,二楼部分进行了改造,并且在大正时代的主要烟草销售的开头重新改造了商店前面。因为吉田家族成为一个空置的房子,所以在整个房子里几乎没有改造现代生活的手。自明治时代以来,它一直在翻新,但它是一个重要的建筑,以纪念现代的联排别墅。

 吉田家は江戸時代には伊勢参りの旅籠を、大正時代から戦前にかけては煙草の元売りを営んでいました。屋号は「小松屋」。主屋は江戸時代末期 の建築とされています。
 基本的には町屋建築 の伝統的な技法で、現在の太田宿の町屋で最も整った外観を示す建物です。また、現在の屋根は瓦葺きですが、当初の母屋と見なされる材も現存し、それらの遺構から当初は板葺 きであったと考えられています。明治時代中頃に2階部分の改造がなされ、大正時代の煙草元売り の開業に際して店先が改造されました。


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