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auto-translate Shi handbell (sculpture) Futamiji temple Jiwa Daishi (one body) Location Chofu shi Fudo Temple town, Five Temple, 15 th district Designated Heisei 23 February 23 This statue is the main honor of Daishodo. Dae Ji Woo is the name of a monk and a good source of Tendai Buddhism and is also called the former Three masterpeople. In the early modern era, the former Samsung Major was the center of the faith of this temple, and during the Meiwa 2nd year (1765) and the 13th year of the Culture (1816), the opening books were held at the opposition house of the two countries. This statue is a secret Buddha, and the opening of the book is held every fifty years. Recently it was held in Showa 59 (1984). Take monkeys on the left hand side and do beads on the right hand side. Materials and structures are wooden and parquet, the finish is coloring, the image height is 196.80 cm. Portrait sculpture by Dae Ji Woo, there are few examples of such large works. Captured by the capability of Daishi skillfully capturing the mysterious appearance, it can be said that it is an outstanding work among the many figures of Daishi in the whole country. Production is estimated from the late Kamakura period to the North and South morning era. March 30th Heisei 7th Chofu City Board of Education

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auto-translate 石手摇(雕塑)二子寺神华大师(一体)位置调布市福岛寺镇,五寺,第15区指定平成23 2月23日这座雕像是大正堂的主要荣誉。 Dae Ji Woo是一名僧人的名字,也是Tendai佛教的一个很好的来源,也被称为前三大人物。在现代早期,前三星少校是这座寺庙信仰的中心,在明和二年(1765年)和文化十三年(1816年)期间,开放的书籍在两国的反对派中举行。这座雕像是一尊秘密佛像,每五十年开放一次。最近它在昭和59(1984)举行。左手拿猴子,在右手边做珠子。材料和结构为木质和镶木地板,饰面着色,图像高度为196.80厘米。 Dae Ji Woo的肖像雕塑,这类大型作品的例子很少。由于大师巧妙捕捉神秘外观的能力,可以说它是全国大世众多人物中的杰出作品。从镰仓时代晚期到北方和南方早晨的时期估计产量。 3月30日平成第7届调布市教育委员会

深大寺 慈恵大師坐像 (一躯)
所在 調布市深大寺元町五丁目十五番地一
指定 平成七年二月二十三日
 本像は大師堂の本尊である。慈恵大師は、天台宗の僧・良源 のおくり名で、元三大師 とも呼ばれている。近世には元三大師がこの寺の信仰の中心で、明和二年(# 1765)と文化十三年(# 1816)には、両国回向院 で出開帳が行われた。本像は秘仏であり、ご開帳が行われるのは五十年ごとである。最近では昭和五十九年(# 1984)に行われた。
左手に独鈷 を、右手に数珠 を執る。材質・構造は木造・寄木造、仕上は彩色、像高は一九六・八センチメートル。


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深大寺 慈恵大師坐像


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