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auto-translate Development of facilities in consideration of borders Development of new landscapes and flow lines Maintenance policy By improving the promenade, which is the main street on the Chihara campus, and its surroundings, an impressive landscape will be created and users will feel familiar with it. At the same time, the design calls for this to be the center of the university (a place for interaction). The road surface uses permeable concrete instead of the conventional asphalt pavement to reduce rainwater to groundwater. In addition, we are making environmentally friendly maintenance such as using recycled Ryukyu limestone for the accent part of the road surface and the surrounding benches. Development of a new flow line (stairs in front of the Faculty of Science) A new staircase has been constructed to eliminate the inconvenience of having to make a detour to get out of the Faculty of Science building to the promenade. A pergola and a bench were set up on the site of the flowerbed as a place for breaks and exchanges, and were maintained as a place for breaks and exchanges. Produce an impressive landscape Ryukyu limestone (white part) and concrete pavement (gray part) are made of recycled materials. By making the concrete pavement water permeable, consideration is given to suppressing the heat island phenomenon and improving the environment for growing organisms and plants. Solar & wind power generation outside light We have installed a hybrid LED outside light that lights up with only two clean energies, solar power generation and wind power generation. Creation of "Ryo": Dry mist We have installed a dry mist so that you can use the cafeteria comfortably. By the way, it is said that the temperature of the surrounding area is lowered by 2 to 3 degrees due to the heat of vaporization effect of the dry mist. New benches in response to student requests In response to student requests, a new bench using recycled Ryukyu limestone stones has been installed. Rubber mat pavement with a soft walking feeling To prevent the generation of excess waste, we made some repairs without damaging the aged sidewalk, and maintained the surface layer with a soft rubber mat pavement with a walking feeling.

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auto-translate 考虑边界的设施开发 新景观和流线的开发 维护政策 通过改善千原校区主要街道的长廊及其周围环境,将创造出令人印象深刻的景观,并让用户感到熟悉。同时,设计要求这里成为大学的中心(一个互动的地方)。路面使用透水混凝土代替传统的沥青路面,以减少雨水为地下水。此外,我们正在进行环保维护,例如在路面的重点部分和周围的长凳上使用再生琉球石灰石。开发新的流线(理学院前的楼梯) 建造了一个新的楼梯,以消除不得不绕道从理学院大楼到长廊的不便。花坛原址设置凉棚和长凳,作为休息交流的场所,并作为休息交流的场所进行维护。产生令人印象深刻的景观琉球石灰石(白色部分)和混凝土路面(灰色部分)由再生材料制成。通过使混凝土路面具有透水性,考虑抑制热岛现象并改善生物和植物生长的环境。太阳能和风力发电外灯 我们安装了混合 LED 外灯,只需使用两种清洁能源,即太阳能发电和风力发电。 “Ryo”的创作:干雾我们安装了干雾,以便您可以舒适地使用自助餐厅。顺便说一句,据说由于干雾的汽化热效应,周围区域的温度降低了2到3度。应学生要求的新长凳 应学生要求,安装了使用再生琉球石灰石的新长凳。行走感柔软的橡胶垫路面 为了防止产生多余的垃圾,我们在不损坏老化的人行道的情况下进行了一些修复,并使用具有行走感的柔软橡胶垫路面来保持面层。

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