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Tags: 日露戦争 川崎宿 宇迦之御魂神 豊受比売神 於母陀流神 訶志古泥神 神奈川県 川崎市

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auto-translate Ina shrine Shinto shrine fishermen Buddhist spirit Soul God Futen receipt god God Kinde Food God Fifty years of fruit business prosperity Festival day First Sunday in April Both companies are located in Horinouchi during the Edo period, the haunted houses, merchants, geikoes at Kawasaki Inn And the people of the neighborhood were consciously religious. At that time, the sixth Tenjin company had other universal heavenly festivals, and people read that it was multicultural freely and said that he was revered as a god of excellence and security. In the Meiji 39th period, during the construction of the Kawasaki racecourse, we were transferred to the area because we hit the path to Magami. As if the same year was the year of the Russo-Japanese War victory, a magnificent shrine festival was held inviting a triumphant soldier to win a victory celebration. After that, the neighboring people formed the "Inari Sixth Tian lecture", and the annual festival is held every year now. The Sixth Tenjin company &39;s festival god mother&39; s buddhist god Zhuji old mud God 御 徳 &39;s prosperity prosperity arts and crafts advancement festival first first sunday in April

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auto-translate 伊那神社神社渔民佛教灵魂上帝福登收据神神Kinde美食神五十年水果事业繁荣节日四月初一星期天两家公司都位于江户时代的堀内内,闹鬼的房屋,商人,在Kawasaki Inn邻里的人们都有意识地信仰宗教。当时第六家天神公司还有其他普天的节日,人们自由地说是多元文化,说他被尊为一个优秀和安全的神。在明治39期间,在川崎赛马场的建设期间,因为打到了Magami的道路所以转移到了那里。就好像同年是日俄战争胜利的那一年,举行了一场盛大的神社节日,邀请凯旋的士兵赢得胜利庆典。之后,邻居们组成了“稻荷第六天演讲会”,每年举办一年一度的节日。第六天神公司的节日神母亲的诸神诸暨老泥神御德德的繁荣昌盛工艺品进步节第一个第一个星期天在四月

御祭神 宇迦之御魂神 豊受比売神
御神徳 食物神 五穀豊穣 商売繁盛
例祭日 四月第一日曜日

 両社とも江戸時代には堀之内にあり、川崎宿 の旅籠屋、商人、芸妓たちや近郷の人々が篤く信仰していました。
 あたかも同年は、日露戦争 戦勝の年であったため、凱旋兵士を招いて戦勝祝賀会をかねた盛大な遷宮祭が行われました。

御祭神 於母陀流神 訶志古泥神
御神徳 安産繁栄 技芸上達
御祭日 四月第一日曜日


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