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auto-translate Shigeru Shrine Abbreviations Festival Main Lord God Shinjin Warrior Hammer God (Buddha&39;s victory) Distribution God Shimotsu Goddess (Battle of Victory) Mr. Kiki Kiyoshi (God of harmonious friendship) Ikunosuke (God of cooperative cooperation of husband and wife God of completion of business Iyo gods) Goddeance Kawasaki Sanno Festival August 1st Sunpeace Festival August 2nd Festival August 3rd Semboku Festival Every day, various ceremonial events crowd. Especially, the Shinko Festival on Thursday is brave with two boys and girls shrine mikoshi called a peacock · jade kneading the inside of Mrs. 23 town, and traveling to the travel agency "姥 to Mori Benten". Also, on the 2nd, "Kiyagawa Prefecture Cultural Property" will be held which conveys an unusual old style in the Kanto region. Okono · History Although the age of the foundation of our shrine is not detailed, we can see from the place where the age of Otsuki big ginkgo is presumed one thousand years, it is an old farm company here. According to the company tennis, it is said that the emperor of the twelfth scenic line was able to avoid the misdeeds at the shrine in the eastern province of the shrine. In the era of the Emperor Kinmei in the twenty nineteenth century, I served seven skewers of the shrine to our shrine, and newly distributed Shizushin Goddess, Kiki Kihime God, Ikkoni God, Ijin God, prayed for victory and subsequent affinity cooperation, and since then it was a draft of the feast for a long time It is told that it is. In the Kamakura period, we gave the company a seven-stone stone from Shogun&39;s house, and Shiro Sasaki Takanaki Koza received the public life and was in charge of construction of the shrine. In the Ashikaga era, the shrine at the time was deeply related to the Nitta family, so the company was cut down to 20 stones. However, as a historical material that tells the depth of faith in this era, there is a record of the adoption of Daiwaka Six hundred Volume of Year 11 (1404). In addition, the crocodile of Nagoro 2nd year (1458) inscription existing in the national Temples of Niigata prefecture was handed to Kawasaki Sanwa company, our company. From the middle of the Edo era and after the middle of the Edo Period, since the middle of the Edo Period, we have gained a great deal of joy in the peaceful era, and we have 13 households of the nine householders, and the Kawasaki Inn and Kawasaki Nanagamura&39;s guardianship Widely attracted the veneration of one circle as wide. Example The Great Festival "Kawasaki Sanno Festival" was held on June 15th, and it was one of the highways of the highway called "Gion of the East" from the great success. Although this shrine originally called the name of the God of God as it is called "Wuwen Jumbo Shrine", the Kawasaki crown base (Mr. Chihiro Chichi) who owned this land in the latter half of the Heian era requested Sanwa gist Since then, it was called "Kawasaki Sanno," "Horinouchi Sanno Goku", "Goshozan king" "Sanjutsu palace" and so on. The title of Sanno&39;s authority depends on the Shinto Buddhist ideological idea of ​​Tendai sect, "Sanno Kazumi Shinto", but in the 4th year of Keio, His Highness Prince Emperor Arisutikawa Azumi who was sent down for conquest was took a rest at this shrine By the words of your Highness &39;Your company name does not correspond to the politics of separation of the Buddha and Buddha of the new government&39;, we renamed the "Kawasaki Inagi Shrine", taking the name of Misashi nation Inage Sho. After that, there was also a time called "Kawasaki Ojingomiya", but "Inage Shrine" was fixed in the middle of the Meiji era. The former company was a majestic elegant building built by the care of Tanaka Hill in the middle of the Hohnen period in the middle of the Edo period, but it was regrettably attributed to ash dust due to the air raid in Showa 20 years. However, afterwards, we saw the construction of a brilliant current shrine building with a total number of one hundred tsubo, built by reinforced concrete Meijin in 1963, by the red-nature of Mrs. In addition, this shrine was designated as "a shrine listed in the separate table" from the main shrine in Showa 41 year. Main festival senior festival · winning prayers I wish you happiness for a year a year. Setsubun Festival February Setsubun Day We will distribute Fuku (prizes) with muddy bean mulling. We will award raked rakes and squirrels of Ichinoseki November Rooster. Daiichi Ceremony June 30 th 31st (December 31st, Kayanohami Shrine) Half yearI will cleanse up "Tsumi, injured". Designated festival / cultural property "Miyajima type" Kanagawa prefecture Cultural property "Hand bowl" Kawasaki city cultural property "Kawasaki Sanno Festival" Festival in Kanagawa Fifty choices

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auto-translate 繁荣神社缩略节主神神户战士锤神(佛的胜利)分配神下津女神(胜利之战)Kiki Kiyoshi先生(和谐友谊的神)Ikunosuke(夫妻合作的神上帝的事业伊势神的完成)Goddeance川崎Sanno节日8月1日Sunpeace节日8月2日节日8月3日仙北节每天,各种各样的礼仪活动人群。特别是,周四的神社祭与两个男孩和女孩神社mikoshi勇敢地称23孔夫人的里面揉揉孔雀·玉,并且旅行到旅行社“to到森本田”。此外,2日还将在关东地区举办“清川文化遗产”,展现不同寻常的旧式风格。 Okono·历史虽然我们的神社的基础的年龄不详细,从大木银杏的年龄被推定一千年的地方可以看,这里是一家老农场公司。据公司网球介绍,据说第十二风景线的皇帝能够避免在东部靖国神社的靖国神社的恶行,在二十九世纪金帝时代,我在神社送了七串靖国神社,新派的Shizushin Goddess,Kiki Kihime God,Ikkoni God,Ijin God,祈求胜利和后续的亲密合作,从那以后,这是一个长期的盛宴据说这是。在镰仓时代,我们从幕府的房子给了这个公司一块七块石头,佐佐木司郎高Ko Ko received接受了公共生活,负责神社的建设。在足利时代,当时的神社与新田家族有很深的渊源,所以公司被砍下了20块石头。然而,作为一个讲述这个时代信仰深度的历史资料,有一个采用Daiwaka六年级第11卷(1404年)的记录。另外,在新泻县国立寺庙中存在的长荣2年(1458年)的鳄鱼被交给川崎三和公司,我公司。江户时代中期以后,江户时代中期以后,我们在和平时代获得了极大的喜悦,我们有9户人家的13户,川崎旅馆和川崎南村村的监护人广泛地吸引了一个圈子的崇敬。例如6月15日举办了“川崎三诺节”,从此大获成功,是“东京祗园”高速公路之一。虽然这个神社本来称为上帝之神,因为它被称为“武文珍宝神社”,在平安时代的后半叶拥有这块土地的川崎皇冠基地(先生千寻先生)要求三和的要点此后被称为“川崎三诺”,“堀内内山王悟空”,“三国志”,“三岛宫”等。山野的权威的名称取决于天台教的神道教思想观念“山野和美神道”,但在庆应当四年,被征服的阿里素川王子殿下被安置在这个神社,按照阁下的话来说,“贵公司的名字与新政府的佛陀分离政治不相符合”,我们把“川崎稻城神社”改名为三朝国民稻荷寿的名字。此后,也有一个叫“川崎Ojingomiya”的时间,但是在明治中期固定“Inage Shrine”。以前的公司是江户时代中叶时期中期田中山所建造的一座雄伟的典雅建筑物,但遗憾的是由于昭和二十年的空袭而产生的灰尘。然而,之后,我们又看到了1963年由钢筋混凝土梅锦建造的一座辉煌的现代神殿建筑,总数达一百坪。另外,这个神社被从昭和41年的主要的神社指定为“在附表中列出的神社”。主要节日高级节日祝福祈祷祝你一年幸福。节日节日二月节日我们将分发福豆(豆mu)。我们将授予一簧一雄鸡的倾斜耙和松鼠。第一届仪式6月30日31日(柴湾十二月三十一日)半年我将清理“海啸,受伤”。指定节日/文化遗产“宫岛型”神奈川县文化遗产“手碗”川崎市文化遗产“川崎三诺节日”神奈川节日五十选择

御祭神 主祭神 武甕槌神(武勇勝利の神)
 配神 経津主神(武勇勝利の神)
 伊弉諾神(夫婦和合の神 協心協力の神 事業
 伊弉冉神  完遂の神)
御神徳 川崎山王まつり
 八月一日 宵宮祭
 八月二日 例祭
 八月三日 神幸祭

 社伝によれば、第十二代景行天皇 が東国御巡遊のおり当神社に賊難を避けられたといい、第二十九代欽明天皇 の御代、この地方に動乱が絶えなかったため、天皇は当神社に幣帛七串を奉り、新たに経津主神、菊理媛神、伊弉諾神、伊弉冉神を配祀せしめられ、戦勝とその後の親和協力を祈られ、以後長く勅願所であったと伝えられます。
 鎌倉時代には将軍家より社領七百石を賜り、佐々木四郎高綱 公が源頼朝 公の命を受けてご社殿の造営に当たりました。

 歳旦祭・勝ち祈祷 一月一日 一年の幸を祈ります。
 節分祭 二月節分日 厄除豆まきで福(景品)をお頒ちします。
 酉の市 十一月酉の日 縁起物の熊手や枡を授与します。
 大祓式 六月三十日 十二月三十一日

 「宮座式」 神奈川県文化財
 「手水鉢」 川崎市文化財
 「川崎山王まつり」 神奈川の祭り五〇選


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